Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Racism like stereotyping can at times be an art form

Racist Moments

I find it so funny that so much fuss is made about racism being a modern thing.

As if it was new …… lol ….. Racism like stereotyping in any form is not good but heck it is so normal and has been about for as long as we have walked this earth ….well I say we … but you know that tribe next door well they are still in the trees so I am not including them, it’s true I saw one of them in a tree yesterday so that must mean none of them can walk yet!.

Trying to work on this word “NORMAL” is never easy as very little is normal ….er no some things are like Racism and Stereotyping …

Let’s see it looks like the idea that all white folks are racist …. Yes ….. ALL WHITE FOLK ARE RACIST   and it is a given “Norm” which is why you can have sayings like “Black Lives Matter” and you are supporting the poor down trodden black person …er sorry is that now person of colour?

Now if a white person were to say White Lives Matter….. Shock !!! they are so racist !!!

Now why can I talk about this subject and others fear they can not? That is simple I’m not white and as everyone knows only white folk can’t talk about race etc so it is ok for me …..

This is why it is also ok for me to call black people black and not a person of colour making them sound like they have a skin tint from a paint colour chart, as for my race well you could say Asian but if you do most would think I am from India or some Arab ……… sigh ………some whites have no knowledge on geography.

See how I can also use stereotyping ….hehehe

Now this little movie has been banned

next here is my latest book  

Smoking Hot (the diary of a fire demon)

Swapping bodies with a young female demon had not been part of the planned vacation.

Nor was having to attend a demonic high school for the magically gifted.

When the most magical thing you could do was set your own underwear on fire.

Life was not going to be easy, even less so with a painful tail that everyone trod on.

Owning a magic sword that always tried to look up your skirt when fighting was not helpful.

But then nor was having a telepathic diary that corrected your thinking instead of your spelling.

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