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Love Bites By Angela Knight

Love Bites
By Angela Knight
ISBN# 978-0-425-25481-2
Author's Website:  http://www.angelasknights.com/
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Love Bites 

is an anthology of three vampire stories that are laced with BDSM elements.  The three stories are Oath of Service, Be Careful What You Wish For, and BloodslaveOath of Service is part of the Mageverse stories, while Be Careful is a never before published work, and Bloodslavewas previously published in another book.  And just to keep it interesting, a sample chapter of Ms. Knight’s newest book is included at the end (consider it an appetizer).
I will start with Oath of Service.  It should have been titled “Morgana Gets Her Comeuppance.” This is the story of the infamous Morgana le Fey, the much maligned witch of Arthurian legend.  Though in all the previous Mageverse books, Morgana loves to wear the bitch pants, she secretly desires to be dominated by none other than Sir Percival of the Knights of the Round Table.  Sir Percival has also lusted after Morgana for hundreds of years and he finally gets to put her in her place, collared by her own oath, and at the mercy of Percival and his two friends. So let it be noted that this has M/F/M/M action going down (ha, pun intended).
What I like about this story is the continuation of the Mageverse thread and it can be a standalone story for those who are not familiar with the series.  However, I will forewarn that this is a much darker Mageverse story than the previous stories.  In fact, Ms. Knight also writes an introduction to the story that warns the reader that this is a BDSM story and if this is not what you are into, then it may be too intense for you. What I also like is that though this is a BDSM story, it is also very much a love story. What I do dislike is that this was a much darker BDSM story than what I expected, even with the author’s heads-up.  I have read stories with bondage before, but the sadomasochism is a bit much even for me.  I personally do not find humiliation sexy.  But more power to you, if that flips your switch. Is this story a good read? Of course it is. Ms. Knight pretty much always delivers a good story. It is just that this one comes with a rated R instead of a PG rating. This makes this book an adult only read.
Be Careful What You Wish For was more my ideal story of BDSM. It is the story of three vampires: Decker, Beau, and Amanda. Amanda is the lucky vamp that gets to partner up with Decker and Beau, but only singularly. Beau and Decker are actually enemies.  They cannot stand each other. The only thing these two have in common is Amanda. So what is this story about?  All three vampires come to the rescue of a girl who is being stalked by a warlock that has trouble accepting rejection.  The girl is not sexually interested in the warlock, so he decides to curse her for eternity as a werewolf.  The three vampires are in a race against the clock to stop the curse from being placed.  The price for their interference is a spell that causes a little bit of mischief, mischief of the M/F/M kind.
I liked this story better than the previous story because it had lighter BDSM tones.  The story was a quick, good read that didn’t leave you disappointed in the balance of sexy and plot.  I did not like the ending of the story when it came to the dealing of the warlock.  I felt he deserved so much more punishment than what was given to him.  It felt like he got a slap on the wrist to me.  I would have liked his punishment to be more in line with the crimes that he committed.  It is just a small point to dislike, but it really stuck with me.
Last but not least, Bloodslave is the story of a human captured by not one, but three, horny and hungry male vampires.  When they realize that Verica (the heroine) is a virgin, well let’s just say she doesn’t remain one for long.  The leader of the fanged tooth trio, Julian, decides to make Verica a bloodslave. A bloodslave is a nearly immortal human that is not blood dependent.  The purpose of the bloodslave is to sexually please and feed his/her master(s).
If you like M/F/M/M action, then you hit the jackpot.  I like this story the second best out of this anthology. It has moments of non-consensual acts, but that is an integral part of the story.  It isn’t a rape story: it is a story about a person that initially does not want to be a part of the act, but is seduced into participating.  I liked that it was a quick, sexy read, but at times I did not like it because certain aspects actually made me uncomfortable.  The scene where it is decided who gets to take her virginity was not my favorite.  The characters basically play cards to decide who gets to do it.  I could have done without this scene.
Overall, Ms. Knight delivers a good solid read. The book is a bargain for those that like quick reads and are really into the BDSM lifestyle.  Why 3 out of 5 stars if it was a good read?  I had to subtract a few stars for the issues that I had (warlock’s punishment and the card game scene). If you are someone that can overlook these small items, then it is a 5 star read.

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Capital D

Silka Fontein was a typical rich little girl until she disappeared 15 years ago, right after her high school graduation after party. What happened to her? No one knows where she went to or why she had left so suddenly. Now, after all these years she returns home, different and completely changed, with secrets so deadly that everyone’s lives are in danger!  

She reunites with Taber Blake, her childhood friend turned quintessential playboy.  As they fight their unexpected attraction for one another, a series of action packed events have them fighting for their lives.  It is then that Taber’s own lethal secrets are exposed in the process. Will their attraction be enough to survive the truth?

This mish-mash of action, adventure, comedy, romance, mystery, suspense and drama is spy thrilling, spine chilling read bound to keep you begging for more! Available in an Adult or PG rated version, you will have no reason not escape into their world and hearts.

When Ash Stone (pen name) was born she was cute, cuddly and blue! Fortunately by the time the journalists arrived to take photos her, she was no longer blue. She made headlines in the local papers for being the only Christmas baby to be born that day in Aliwal North (South Africa). That’s right! She is was born on Christmas Day 1974. Before you say  “Aw Shame”  and break out the tissues, please know that Ash is a Christmas Diva! She always gets her two presents or else!

She is the second eldest of four daughters to a mother who was an accountant. Her father was a high ranking police officer in the old Apartheid regime, meaning he sat behind a desk and drank tea all day. They moved around a lot whenever her father was promoted to a bigger desk with better tea. As a result Ash did not have many friends and found her escape in books.

Ash’s first writing experience was when she had to write an essay to Toyota South Africa, in order to be chosen for their Toyota Edulink Program. She wrote a very detailed and motivational essay about how she was going to be the Managing Director of Toyota one day. After they undoubtedly had a good chuckle, Ash was chosen as the the only girl to represent all the Afrikaans schools in her province. She went on to be chosen for the Toyota Junior Achievement Programme and became the Managing Director of the company they had set up. The company made a profit and naturally Ash was tickled pink! Ash was chosen to remain in the Toyota Edulink Program for a total of three years. Whilst in her final year at school she also joined another program and studied Journalism and Drama at the Westville University.

After graduating high school, Ash went to study Business and Marketing Management as inspired by her father who had left the police force long ago and started his own property investment firm. Being a typical rebel, rather than joining the corporate world afterwards, Ash became a vegetarian hippie instead and went into a gardening/ nursery business with her mom. The irony of a vegetarian plant lover is still lost on her to this day.
Even though Ash never became the Managing Director of Toyota South Africa, she had enjoyed success in every aspect of her life. She is an award winning Horticulturist and won another award for a display when she represented South Africa in the 2000 Amsterdam Hortifair.

Among her many occupations,  Ash was more notedly the Purchasing Manager for McDonald’s Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa region. These days she is not a high flying corporate Exec or a vegetarian hippie, but internal sales at a local Mining supplier during the day. At night, she runs her own blog tour company, is an Admin of the Author Association ASMSG, a Guild Reviewer, a book blogger and self confessed Facebook addict.

She lives in Alberton with her childhood-friend-turned-husband and their two sons where she enjoys breaking all the rules with her writing. The eternal rebel loves to connect with her fans (or “Stoneys!” as she calls them). So, go on you rebel you!

Social Links: 

GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/34355192-author-ash-stone

GOOGLE PLUS: https://plus.google.com/111996414316084828012/posts

FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/ash-stone101

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/newage_author

LINKEDIN: http://za.linkedin.com/pub/ash-stone/82/b97/750

WEBSITE: www.ash-stone.com

BLOG: http://authorashstone.blogspot.com/

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Author webiste: http://www.ash-stone.com

   On her way to work, she noticed a very glamorous looking coffee place. How convenient, she thought as she entered and stood in line. In front of her there was a queue of about seven people. They all looked like young corporate types and portrayed the impatience and self-importance typical of their generation. Part of her was glad to be back in civilization. The last time she had been here, she had spent a night with her parents en route to the new job. There was no time for ‘meets and greets’ or any reunions back then.
   "You're not stalking me, are you?" Behind her Tay managed to surprise her yet again, but it only took a breath for her to regain her composure.
   "Hardly, I work across the street, so that leaves the stalking title to you," she replied slowly and calmly without looking at him.
   She could feel the enjoyment emanating from him as his warm, minty breath caressed her cheek. His fragrance turned her on. He was leaning into her making every follicle in her body respond. There was an electric chemistry she felt just by his presence. It delighted her and excited her like nothing before.
   "I've gotten my morning coffee here every day before work for the last ten years," he responded way too pleased with himself.
  "Good thing we are not dogs, or we'd be marking our territories right now," she quipped back with a smile on her face.
Amused by her response, he offered his solution.
   "Or we could start a new tradition and have coffee together every day before work.”
   "Next!!" A shout came from behind the counter. A young lady with way too much make up on stood there waiting for Silka's order.
   "I'll have a regular coffee, please," Silka pointed to the menu.
   "And I shall have a Latte along with that," Tay duly informed the clerk and threw a bill of an impressive denomination on the counter as he positioned himself next to Silka.
   After she gave them their coffees, he took Silka by the hand. "Please sit and have your coffee with me?" he implored her with a look of anticipation normally seen on a kid about to receive his birthday present.
   He wore a dark suit and blue collar shirt with a matching tie. His tidy hair, clean shaven face and that suit made him look like a million bucks. Bloody hell he was Godly.  He was by far the most striking man she had ever seen. His looks made her heart contract, let alone her uterus.
   “Five minutes!” She raised her eyebrows sternly, but then smiled. She followed him to a table in the far corner. Taber pulled out a chair for her. She took a seat and leaned back with her coffee in one hand.
   Sitting opposite her around the very small, square table he couldn't help but stare at her. How had he not recognized her? How had he never noticed how stunningly beautiful she was? More importantly where had she been? His mind flooded with questions. What had happened to her in the last fifteen years? Who had happened to her most of all? She had a maturity about her which was way beyond her youthful looks.

   She sat looking at him, gently sipping her coffee, smiling slightly and slowly blinking. She had always been confident, but he had never thought of that confidence as being sexy. To him her confidence was arrogance when he was young. Since he had become an adult he realized how wrong he had been. The caliber of women he dated was far from confident, trusting or loyal. They were insecure, jealous, whiney, clingy little girls that loved him only as long as his credit cards were at their disposal.

   Which reminded him: "How did you get Amber so spot on? She was highly impressed with you."
Silka gave a huge grin.

   "I had my fair share of gold diggers. Amber will be anything and everything you want her to be, until the day you marry her. That is when you will see her true colors." She suddenly realized that this was nothing new to him, although he looked as if he had just discovered a turd in his coffee. He leaned back in his chair.
   "What have you been up to all these years?" he asked boldly.
   "Why don't you tell me about your side first?" she requested looking as if she could melt a polar ice cap.

   "Fine. Graduated high school, obviously, fulfilled other obligations, spent a gap year traveling the world, finished university and then went to work for my dad. Spill it!" he shot a challenging look back at her as he turned the tables.
   "Love to, but I am running late for work," she said glancing at her watch.  He paused for a second.

   "Very well," he smiled smoothly. As they stood up, he followed her towards the door. "Same time tomorrow?" he asked.
   "Only if I get the next round. Thank you for the coffee."
   "Not a problem," he said as they stepped onto the pavement. For a moment they stood there staring at each other. She smiled suddenly, and turned to cross the road.

   "Bye, Tay."
   "Bye, Silly," he yelled back. Sure enough he stood there watching her glide into the building across the street.

   Climbing into the back of his chauffeur driven car, Taber wondered if she had taken offense at the mention of the name he used to pull out of the box regularly to rile her up.  It got her every time.

   Silka used to hate being called Silly. She hadn't heard that name in ages. It used to make her angry, but hearing it out of his gorgeous mouth today made her smile. His mouth was all she could think of as she headed out the elevator, into the parking garage, and drove out to the place she really worked at, in the outskirts of town, in a car that was not really hers, no less.

Life’s A Bitch! ---- Reviews

Life’s A Bitch! ---- Reviews

Jan 30, 2013
Minky Pears rated it 5 of 5 stars
Unbelievably good. Most of the positive reviews (Pre-release readings) are coming from women. The character build up is good, it's sexy, and all in an appropriate and relevant way. A damn sexy book.

Feb 01, 2013
Caroline P rated it 5 of 5 stars
Fabulous read.

Mar 06, 2013
Jackie Groves rated it 5 of 5 stars
This book was gripping from start to finish, readers of erotic books wont be disappointed, the bitch in the novel Jenny makes JR Ewing look like an amateur. Great explicit sexual details are included with a compelling story line, plenty of twists and turns along with deviations from the norm. Could hardly wait to read more each day. Well written and easy to read, well done C P. Hope there will be a follow up, if so it will be top of my list. A five star read without a doubt.

Jun 16, 2013
Karri Wright rated it 1 of 5 stars
Shelves: kindle
This book does have an actual story line that is somewhat interesting, but the sexcapades fill the pages to distraction. There was more of this in the book than history, character building, and relationship development of characters.

Jun 25, 2013
Tim rated it 4 of 5 stars
I'm not sure if the author intended this to be humourous but it certainly made me chuckle at times.
My first impression was that I had picked up a 1970's porno script but it soon became apparent that, unlike said script, there was a storyline which moved along at a cracking pace.
Many authors struggle with sex (on paper, otherwise who knows) but CP really shone in this department with detailed and very descriptive writing.
Outside the sex I found the writing a bit wooden and flat at times but the book hooked me.
I'm not sure whether the spelling of feint on the front cover is a typo or a very clever comment on the storyline.

Jun 27, 2013
Mary rated it 5 of 5 stars
What a ride! This book was very well written and was a GREAT story to my taste. I finished this book in one day, it was hard for me to keep the book down. When you think you have the pieces all sorted out and you are sure that what you think is going to happen is right, you are definitively WRONG. I could not believe how Jenny would even fathom the idea of living & sharing Roger with Ali! But that was only the beginning of how twisted & psychotic she truly was. This book completely surprised me, I never thought Roger & Ali would see each other but alas they did. I hope the bitch Jenny returns because I surely would not want to miss it.

Jul 05, 2013
Debbie Carnes rated it 5 of 5 stars
This book was interesting, no my usual kinda book. I enjoyed it very much.

As stated on the cover " Definitely not for the faint of heart". Which I am not :). 

Look forward to the next book :)

4.0 out of 5 stars Eroticism................. and good writing 25 April 2013
By Dee
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Only part way through the book but already there are more orgasms than dead bodies in Midsomer Murders!
Am intrigued by the writers style, comfortable with erotica, descriptive and intrigue. Can't wait for the conclusion.

Jul 17, 2013
Sonia rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: books-won, first-reads
I won this book on a goodreads first reads giveaway I really enjoyed reading this book I thought it was funny and it was very kinky the story and I thought adding the murder in the story was great. But I thought it was a great read and also a very fast paced read to.

Sep 19, 2013Diane rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: finished
So far....Oh my GOD!!!

I had to finish this book. Sex, SEX, adventure, mystery.

5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling and sexy 2 Oct 2013
By emma
Format:Kindle Edition
I absolutely loved this book. From the beginning I was unsure of what was going on as it tells you about how perfect Roger and Jenny's life is and suddenly it all goes to pot with no explanation but then the book just takes off and I sat there just wondering how Jenny became so cold and calculating. At one point I put the book down in disgust at what Jenny was doing and minutes later couldn't stop myself from picking it back up to read more. The characters are brilliantly written and everything so well described that you imagine the scene clearly. The author ended this book perfectly and I can't wait to read about what happens next. This is just an amazing read and I would thoroughly recommend it.

3.0 out of 5 stars Didn't know what to expect 7 Oct 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This book is certainly not for the prude amongst us, some of the plot was maybe just a little toooo descriptive! However, I read this on holiday and I have to say that although I did find myself not believing the storyline I kept reading, so it couldn't have been that bad!

A cheap nylon sheet is covering you and that is all you have covering you

WWaking up Naked in Strange bed with a Hangover and No memory of how you got there

by Amy Mah Vampire

Being a Day Walker type of Vampire Girl

So let’s talk about the dreaded sunlight and the fact I am a daywalker..

. Er...ok so maybe more of ... Overcast Rainy Day Walker...or Foggy, or Snowing ...look, do you get it? Sunlight is a problem...
If I say I am a day walker it sounds kinda cool...but as a overcast or rainy day walker it just sounds sad...But Strong sunlight
is a problem for any vampire.

The Undead sort have the worst time as they can burn in strong light, but we living ones also suffer.

Sunlight is deadly to a Turnling/Undead (a human turned into a Vampire) and it is not a pretty sight to see one of our undead maids forgetting the time 
and stepping out into a nice sunny day... Yuck...

I have told you many times I am a living Vampire this means I was born one ok
& not some human girl that get a hicky and wakes up undead, that sort is the fixed in
time the sex mad blood sucker you will see in the movies ……….. Yes they are the
Ones in the backseats of the movie house making slurping noises.
No I am a living vampire and by human standards I grow older slower which means I
still look like a teenager …………. So ripping someone’s head off and using their
neck as a straw is fine but I am not allowed to go into a bar and order a drink.
So apart from being arrested for underage drinking due to attacking drunks we have
the same problems that any teenager has such with booze but ours is more taken second hand via someones neck.

Waking up Naked in strange bed with a Hangover and no memory of how you got there.
Bed and sleeping with people is always a problem and as I always say Sleeping with another girl does not always mean you are a lesbian sometimes
it just means the central heating needs fixing.
So back to waking up naked in strange bed with a hangover and no memory of how you got there, every drinking girls nightmare, along with the worry of
where you left your clothes.

So you slowly open your eyes and painfully look around a strange room which from the décor shouts rather too loudly of cheap motel …….
and the way your head feel it says it far too laud even if it whispered it.

A cheap nylon sheet is covering you …….er ………..and that is all you have covering you ………. A fur coat would have been nice …….shut up …….

you don’t mind who I kill and eat but you object to me liking fur ….huh………….you humans are so odd if I said a human corpse covering you would not have cared !!!

Is it all that is covering you …er…yes you check twice and a single piece of coloured cord around ones wrist does not count!
Supporting the local cat’s home is very charitable but does not count as clothing.

So what happens next?

1. A man leaves some money on the bed side table as he puts on his trousers and leaves …………
Action: ……….you scream ……………. What just $20 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. You turn to one side and see a naked man and two naked female fashion models in bed with you
Action: Roll over and go back to sleep you are ether in some guys dream or if real with the fashion models in bed with you than you know your honor is quite safe.

3. There is Eric the vampire from true blood in next to you in bed
Action: ………….. Pounce on him ….he is not going to get away again!

4. You notice the room is empty apart from a pile of female clothes which are not yours.
Action :………. ….You know that no matter how short the skirt is you will go without underwear today as there is just no way you are ever going to
put on another persons used underwear!

5. You look down and see you are now a guy You have changed sex during the night !!!! And then you hear
a female voice near by asked how was it for you and shall we do it again?.
Action:……………. Hope whatever the new extra bits you have know what they are going to do with out you having to order an owner’s manual from Amazon,
but then as you stare at what is between your legs and now you more fear that the bigger problem will be trying to fit back into the micro dress you had on last night

6. You look down and you are still female but you hear a female voice near by asked how was it for you and shall we do it again.
Action: ……………. Telling her you have a headache only works on guys so you look on the bright side no matter what went on its now too late and turn to her
thinking at least you won’t get pregnant.

7. You look down at your hand and discover a gold band on your wedding finger and snoring coming from someone near you in bed.
Action………………. Panic ! all you can remember are day glow cocktails with strange names like oblivion and something so pretty that it could not be alcoholic……….
You can only remember talking to two people last night 1. a long distant truck driver who got his tattoos while in jail and 2. the bartender you are really praying
it is the bartender next to you and then you remember the bartender was female and remembering the tattoos still pray it is the bartender!

8. You look around the empty room and remember that you booked yourself in last night just after being sick over the guy you fancied
and you did not even remember eating peas. But he refused to take you home so you crashed here.
Action:……………….You pray to all the gods you know thanking them for the pounding head and the feeling of still wanting to be sick as it could have been far worse!


Where to buy "FANGS RULE" A Girls Guide to being a Vampire

Where to buy "VAMPIRE the strange life of a teenage Vampire"

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Rowena and the Viking Warlord

Book: Rowena and the Viking Warlord
Series: Land’s End - Book 3
Author: Melodie Campbell
Publisher: Imajin Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Mature

He was her enemy and her lover…

With her loved ones in peril, Rowena casts a spell to move back time to save them, unaware of the consequences. As Cedric fights battles down south, she unwittingly rides into an enemy war camp and is taken prisoner by her old friend Lars, who is not what he seems.

Yet Rowena is not helpless. After all, she is a half-witch with a whole lot of magic in her. Too bad she doesn’t know how to use it. Escaping from the camp, she continues to botch up spell after spell. Soon Kendra joins her on the trek back to Huel, along with the latest magical mistake, a flame-burping dragon called Cinders.

When war comes to Land’s End, it brings the one man who threatens to conquer everything in Huel, including Rowena's heart. Now she has to make the biggest decision of her life. Will she return through the wall to safety in present day Arizona? Or will she stay in Land’s End for good and fight to save her people from the Viking Warlord?

Book: Sigil Fire
Author: Erzabet Bishop
Publisher: Ylva
Genre: Erotic Romance/Urban Fantasy
Rated Mature

Sonia is a succubus with one goal: stay off Hell's radar. But when succubi start to die, including her sometimes lover, Jeannie, she’s drawn into the battle between good and evil.

Fae is a blood witch turned vampire, running a tattoo parlor and trading her craft for blood. She notices that something isn't right on the streets of her city. The denizens of Hell are restless. With the aid of her nest mate Perry and his partner Charley, she races against time before the next victim falls. The killer has a target in his sights, and Sonia might not live to see the dawn.

Portrait of a self-published author: Drac Von Stoller’s invisible literary empire

Portrait of a self-published author: Drac Von Stoller’s invisible literary empire

He has 155 e-books to his name and is at war with Amazon. But his is the kind of story the media never tells

Portrait of a self-published author: Drac Von Stoller's invisible literary empireDrac Von Stoller
I first stumbled across the work of Drac Von Stoller while browsing the new releases on Audible.com last year. Suddenly, the list had filled up with audiobooks bearing lurid titles like “Cannibal Lake,” “The Night It Rained Hell” and “Nazi Zombies,” all by the same guy and each emblazoned with a garish, inexpertly Photoshopped cover image featuring leering, demonic or half-eaten faces. None of these recordings was more than 10 minutes long or cost more than Audible’s rock-bottom price of $2.76; cheap, but with such short books, still a pretty small bang for the reader’s buck.
A search on Von Stoller’s name revealed dozens and dozens of these titles, all with professional narrators and many tagged with one- and two-star reader reviews. Over at Amazon, where the Stoller e-books on offer currently number 155, most clock in at no more that a handful of pages in length and quite a few are free. (In the iBooks bookstore, nearly all of Von Stoller’s works will cost you nothing.) Most of the reviews there are just as harsh. “This is probably the worst written short story that I have ever had the displeasure of reading,” one reader wrote of “Rise of the Zombies.” “I read this in under five minutes,” wrote another. “A child could have done it. In fact I think a child did do it.”
Here was a conundrum. Von Stoller’s 150-plus e-books can be obtained from at least 12 online retailers, each with its own particular and often demanding formatting and distribution arrangement, and the audiobook adaptations (most of which feature sound effects embellishing the narrator’s performance) must have been time-consuming and expensive to produce. Even a crude cover design — let alone 155 cover designs — takes some effort to create. The establishment of the self-publishing empire of Drac Von Stoller gives every appearance of having been a gargantuan effort. Yet the author himself couldn’t be making any money from it, not with so many of his titles priced at zip. As for public renown and recognition, the laurels have not been exactly forthcoming; although he has some fans, the vast majority of Von Stoller’s books bear an average Amazon rating of one and a half stars.

Night of the White Buffalo A Wind River Mystery, Book #18

Night of the White Buffalo
A Wind River Mystery, Book #18
By  Margaret Coel
ISBN# 9780425264652
Author’s website http://www.margaretcoel.com/
Brought to you by OBS reviewer Kayt
With her gritty mysteries steeped in authentic Native American culture,New York Times bestselling author Margaret Coel is “widely considered the most accomplished heir to Tony Hillerman’s legacy,” (Scripps Howard News Service). In the latest Wind River novel, Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O’Malley confront a ruthless killer in the wake of a miraculous event. 
A mysterious penitent confesses to murder, and then flees the confessional before Father John can identify him. Two months later, Vicky discovers rancher Dennis Carey shot dead in his truck along Blue Sky Highway. With the tragic news comes the exposure of an astonishing secret: the most sacred creature in Native American mythology, a white buffalo calf, was recently born on Carey’s ranch.
Making national headlines, the miraculous animal draws a flood of pilgrims to the reservation, frustrating an already difficult investigation. As visitors throw the reservation into turmoil, Vicky and Father John try to unravel the strange events surrounding both Carey’s murder and the recent disappearances of three cowboys from his ranch.
It could be coincidence, given the nomadic life of the cowboy trade, but when one of them fails to appear in court to testify on an assault charge, Vicky wonders if Arnie Walkfast and his Arapaho buddies are guilty of more than just assault. And at the back of Father John’s mind is the voice from the man in the confessional: I killed a man
Night of the White Buffalo is a thrilling mystery set in and around the Arapaho Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. Father John Aloysius O’Malley is still haunted by the mysterious cowboy who confessed to killing a man months earlier. He checked and never found anyone murdered. When a cowboy is shot and killed several months afterwards he does not immediately see a connection.
Vickie Holden, an Arapaho lawyer and her “friend” Adam Lone Eagle, a Lakota lawyer, come upon the scene of Dennis Carey shot dead in his truck. As the murder investigation unfolds, Father O’Malley and Vickie are drawn into an even bigger mystery and more murders. At the same time a blessing has been born in the form of a sacred white buffalo on the Carey ranch.
Ms Coel writes with what seems to be an inside knowledge of the Native American ways. I have not read any of her other books in this series. I do not think you need to in order to enjoy this one. The characters are thoughtfully developed. Their way of life is foreign to me, yet I can understand and imagine it through Ms Coel’s wonderful and descriptive writing style. This is an engaging thriller filled with Native American lore, ideals and beliefs, as well as the lifestyles of the nomadic cowboyers.
This book is enjoyable and intriguing. I would recommend it to readers of any thrillers, those interested in Native American life and anyone that enjoys a good mystery full of cowboys. The inclusion of the sacred white buffalo’s birth brought another layer to this mystery. The way the different groups of the community reacted is quite interesting. Even though this is not really my favorite type of mystery, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am sure most other will as well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Novel: Woman King Series: Dark Horse Trilogy – Book 1

Novel: Woman King
Series: Dark Horse Trilogy – Book 1
Author: Evette Davis
Publisher: Flesh & Bone Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: Adult

Nobody who works with superstar political consultant Olivia Shepherd knows that she has supernatural empathic abilities—and that’s just how she likes it. But when she wakes up one morning to find Elsa, an ancient time-walker, standing in her kitchen, Olivia can no longer ignore her gifts or the mystical path that awaits her. Soon she is plunged into the hidden world of powerful “Others” who operate beneath the dense fog of San Francisco.

Drafted to work for the Council, a shadowy organization that controls the fate of humanity, Olivia must decide whether to dedicate herself to its cause. Complicating matters further is Olivia’s new love interest, William, a centuries-old vampire who is far too jaded to take an interest in human affairs. As shocking details from Olivia’s own past emerge and her role in the world begins to take shape, will she rise to the challenge of her destiny?

Book: Torn Between Two Worlds
Series: The Guardians – Book 1
Author: Lexi Ostrow
Publisher: Hot Ink Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rated Mature

Her heart was torn differently than others, between two worlds. Her choice would affect her position in each.

Ciara Miller was born the same as others, but she got a little something extra. When she was younger she learned she was a Word Speaker, someone who could create life from stories. Her gift is incomplete until her 27th birthday, before then all she can create is things she, and others like her can see. Evil wants her gift as well and the characters she choses to create become her Guardians against the unseen attackers that want to use her skill. Just before her 27th birthday, fate has a surprise for her.

Stryder is a demon, created to be a backup plan for the Horseman of the Apocalypse, War. Since the day he learned he was nothing more than pawn he and his brothers had been seeking a way to betray hell and fight on the side of the angels. His world is torn apart again when he finds out he's nothing more than a story and given the option to protect a human female, Ciara, or die.
Ciara hates Stryder for replacing her former Guardian. But she cannot deny the lust and connection that rocks through her every time they touch. She could deny it all she wanted, but she belonged to Stryder and when they find themselves thrown into a war bigger than them both she must choose between her reality bound heart and her fantasy bound soul to save them.

Save Me from Myself Nashville Nights, Book #1

Save Me from Myself
Nashville Nights, Book #1
By Stacey Mosteller
Author’s Website: http://staceymosteller.net
Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra

Lyric Hayes spent the first 22 years of her life trying to be the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend. After a tragedy and her fiance’s betrayal, she's running. Starting over far away from the person she used to be.
She's made herself a vow - no relationships. She's trying to heal, not complicate her life further.
David Pearson has it all. Confidence, awesome friends, successful business.  But, David's dealt with loss too. He knows better than anyone not to judge by what's on the surface.
Drawn to Lyric despite her inability to trust, he'll do anything to own her heart.
Will secrets and misunderstandings send Lyric running again? Or will David finally save her from herself?
This book grips you from the beginning with the depth of Lyric and David’s characters.  Right at the beginning we read about the betrayal Lyric’s fiancé bestows upon her….carrying on an affair.  The reader gets a glimpse into Lyric’s character by the next line: 
“I don’t know how to explain my reaction to her. I know the normal response to finding your fiancé in bed with another woman is not to calmly walk out and leave, but that’s exactly what happened.” 
I was intrigued as to why she would just leave?  Most women would raise a BIG ruckus.  However, Lyric picks herself up and six months later moves from Manhattan to Nashville in the hopes of starting over.   As soon as she arrives in Nashville, her new roomie, Anna, lets her know that she has arranged for them to go to the “Drench” to meet some of Lyric’s new co-workers for dinner and drinks.  While the idea of meeting future coworkers is fine, Lyric is apprehensive as Anna seems to think it would be a good idea to play match maker with the “hot” bartenders of Drench.
Lyric settles in to her new job as a music reviewer, developing the usual work related friendships, etc. which of course take her back to Drench as this is the office hangout.  As time progresses….David and Lyric begin a relationship; David with his intense dislike of lies and Lyric with her distrust of men due to her ex-fiancés cheating.  But they decide to give this relationship a go and they are SO perfect for each other.
I love the way that technology was embraced in the budding relationship….texting each other…a great venue for allowing Lyric to become bolder and more forthright with what she wants!
After roots have begun to take hold in David and Lyric’s relationship, Lyric must contend with a situation which clearly is uncomfortable.  After becoming friends with SarahBeth (David’s younger sister), Lyric learns a secret and is sworn to secrecy.  Unfortunately, SarahBeth is not beyond blackmail when Lyric finds out about a relationship between SarahBeth and David’s best college buddy Jeremy (one that would be forbidden by the ever protective David).  This of course put’s undue stress on the relationship between Lyric and David and this can only lead to trouble for Lyric!  And it does as she is honor bound to keep SarahBeth’s secret when David confronts her.  AND the only thing that David cannot stand is lies!  What a tangled web they have weaved.  Of course, there is a break up, heart break on both sides but luckily…..our main characters eventually work out the differences and salvage their relationship….at least for the moment.
I liked that the chapters were depicted in the table of contents with titles as opposed to just the usual…. chapter 1, chapter 2, etc.  The titles enhanced my anticipation of what the chapter would hold, for example: “Meeting Him” or “Confrontation” or “Lies Come Out”.
And when David said “Darlin”….I just melted.  I have not said this before BUT if I were to have a book boyfriend….I might just have to choose David!   Last but not least, the character of Anna is great.  She is full of life, adventurous, bold and tells Lyric like it is.  Everyone needs a best friend like Anna. 
There are some interesting co-worker dynamics which enhance the story as opposed to detracting from the main plot (as occasionally they do).  Lyric’s adjustment to the new work location is slow and progresses well, with a few little hiccups.  But her work shines through.
The up and downs of David and Lyric’s relationship are believable.  The storytelling is gripping. All in all an excellent read.  I cannot wait to read the next installment of this series, nor should you!!!