Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Back Door Loop Hole A Garfunkel and Oates song which could be a religius loophole on pre marrage sex

The Back Door Loop Hole 

A Garfunkel and Oates song which could be a religius loophole on pre marrage sex

Now Garfunkel and Oates are one of the few groups to be able to get away with saying things that are kinda …… well click on the videos and you will see what I mean.

Sodomy (/ˈsɒdəmi/) is generally anal or oral sex between people, see I bet you all thought it was just anal sex, well I did up until I googled it. Er when was it ever oral? I don’t remember any town called Oral in the bible getting destroyed due to the folks liked giving head.

Is it also true that the Church is happy with anal sex between men and women but not men and men, like what is the difference?

My knowledge on biology is mostly the High School kind so if someone can explain the difference between male and female butt sex, and why God is ok with one and not the other I will do another blog to inform everyone.

I know that some religious folk say guy on guy sex is a sin as sex should only be used to create children, well for those same religious folk that think it is ok for anal sex as long as it is between men and women should retake High School biology as pregnancy that way would sure take a miracle.    

I expect that some time in the past some drunken guy had a go at backdoor sex but did not know the gender of his target until he pulled back the sheets in the morning.

It may come as a shock to guys but anal sex is not very high on the normal females everyday to do list, and for most it can be an unpleasant surprise followed by the words “Sorry it slipped” 

Garfunkel and Oates on safe sex 

Smoking Hot (the diary of a fire demon)

Swapping bodies with a young female demon had not been part of the planned vacation.

Nor was having to attend a demonic high school for the magically gifted.

When the most magical thing you could do was set your own underwear on fire.

Life was not going to be easy, even less so with a painful tail that everyone trod on.

Owning a magic sword that always tried to look up your skirt when fighting was not helpful.

But then nor was having a telepathic diary that corrected your thinking instead of your spelling.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Vigilant Citizen News Site

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The Vigilant Citizen News Site 

About VC

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius
This timeless quote perfectly sums up the aims of this website. To understand the world we live in, we must understand the symbols surrounding us. To understand those symbols, we must dig up their origin, which are often deeply hidden in occult mysteries. In short, this site aims to go beyond the face value of symbols found in pop culture to reveal their esoteric meaning.
My quest for knowledge led me to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Politics in 2002. I’ve mainly studied the way power uses mass media to shape and mold attitudes of the general public. My education was perfect to hold a job in political marketing and PR, but did not satisfy my thirst for truth.
My efforts to further understand the forces governing the world lead me to study secret societies, mystery religions, esoteric sciences and ancient civilizations. I’ve spent the last two decades researching Theosophy, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the Bavarian Illuminati and Western Occultism. These schools of thoughts have many things in common: they are based on Hermetic teachings, they attach EXTREME importance to symbolism and they recruit within their ranks the most prominent people of all fields of society: Politics, business, law, finance, etc. The natural result of this phenomenon is the display of occult symbolism in all aspects of society, especially music, movies and buildings. My goal is to bring  out the meaning of these symbols in a clear, concise and entertaining way.
I used to be a music producer who has composed music for some fairly well-known “urban” artists. My work in the music business has led me to deal with talent agents, video directors and record companies. Through my experiences and my contacts,  I have discovered some of the darker aspects of the entertainment industry, which I found were in direct connection with my studies in occultism. It is necessary to understand of the state of mind that prevails in the higher levels of the music industry to “get” the full meaning of the symbolism found in music videos. Some things are simply not intended to be understood by all, they are meant for the “few”.
That being said, there is a reason why occult teachings are held secret. They reveal the naked Truth without any compromise. Very few people are prepared to face those facts.  As much as I would like to open the world’s eyes, I realize that this site IS NOT for everybody. If you are not comfortable with these topics or you’re simply not interested, I suggest you go there instead.
If, however, you’re  interested in the findings of a genuine truth seeker, you’re at the right place.

Mass Media Mind Control

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Friday, January 6, 2017



With Vampires all the talk is on Fangs where as so little is talked about the useful vampire tools of 20 sharp and great looking claws.

Claws are weapons and tools and not just something to polish, paint red and scratch hard to reach parts of your body with.

I have often explained how useful they are for opening easy open packs of cookies along with the need to keep them clean and sharp using a block of wood at bed time.

It can be very restful to lie on ones back ripping apart a block of wood as one strengthens ones fingers and toes.

I do so wish my Aunt would not call it girls playing with themselves in bed to make ones fingers stronger as I am sure people will misunderstand such wording… sighing so silly to misunderstand the comment as heck that sort of behaviour is what we have maids for.

But the reason they pop out in times of need is rarely spoken about outside classes on personal vampire hygiene.

I can only talk of the living vampire here but the simple reason they work so well is that you do not need to think about un-sheathing them, it kinda just happens.

Now I suspect it works something like ones bladder Er? Ok not quite as your bladder but in the way muscles are always on so relaxing muscles will instantly give you the ability to make water or in the case of a vampire show off your wall climbing tools.

Now a word of warning it is not a good idea to stand behind any vampire and shout “BOO” as unlike a human being surprised may produce a puddle of water with a vampire it is more likely they will remove the heads of anyone within 20feet as a shock response, or just anger of having ruined yet another pair of shoes by the extending of foot claws by accident.       

Monday, January 2, 2017

RUSSIA Controls American Election by Hacking!

RUSSIA Controls American Election by Hacking!

So much talk about did the Russians or the Easter Bunny destroy American democracy?

Is it true that Russia, China or a 10 year old kid in school break hacked Hillary Clintons email showing people her email security is kinda cr#p as her own people hand out the password when asked.

But the worry should be something different and that is the politics being used and to warn the country that no computer system is safe from the evil hordes seeking to destroy the American way of life.   

 Is it true? Who cares, the point is not who did it but the fact someone could do it … if a foreign power did do it then you LIE and tell the public it was a high school kid.

You NEVER EVER tell Americans that a foreign power can bypass American state of the art cyber security! People would be happy that a 10 year old kid could hack the pentagon and start World War Three

But never ever say that some foreign power is better in anyway, let alone have the ability to upset elections by showing stuff politicians want to keep hidden until after they get the power and can ignore any facts for 4 years.

 If truth is the first casualty of war then facts are the unwelcome and shunned guests at any Political Party, one of my fun little quotes.

We all know that Politicians never let facts get in the way of a popular vote gaining policy 

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Modern Vampire Community is real and not all about mono diets, coffins and problems with heat activated equipment.

The Modern Vampire Community is real and not all about mono diets, coffins and problems with heat activated equipment. A little different from the Vampire mythology the world has a thriving real and living vampire community. The community is a mix of people from the GVC Greater Vampire Community, VW Vampire World and the VVC Voices Vampire Community to Psi Vamps and Blood Drinkers. As some say Biting is not just about lifestyle when you are a Vampire sometimes it just means you are hungry 

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What Vampires do during the day The Vampire Community

This has been growing over the past few years and is in no way finished as it is just the tip of an iceberg on what is going on in the background.  

It is different from other types of website on this subject as it covers links to various parts of the community that may not get on with each other.

VVC members have supplied me with many links to sites they run or wish to publicise….and it is advertised on VVC fb groups.

You will see links and Details of Sabastiaan’s Vampire World which you would never see on a pure VVC site, as they say he is too commercial. 

Highgate vampire followers may soon have a link as it has already been advertised on several Highgate vampire groups and people have shown an interest to be linked to it.

#undeadlivesmatter  #amymahvampire

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Life as a sexy teenage vampire

Life as a sexy teenage vampire 

hot and horny blood sucking vampire girls 


Being a vampire is Fun!

Start with reading a vampire book 



Today's world is difficult for everyone, especially teenagers. They face the stresses of school, deciding whom to date, and the biggie of sex, just to name a few. Imagine all of those things ten times worse, and you might get an idea of what it's like being a living, breathing teenage vampire. At last, the world can read about the life of a girl with good teeth, her problems with strong sunlight that gave her spots, and the sunblock that made her hair go yucky and produced more spots. Yes, sunlight was dangerous, as she could be the first teenager in history to die from terminal acne! In her everyday life, older vampires expected her to walk about at night in the traditional female uniform, a see-through, 18th-century nightdress, without undies! Well, this female vampire knew why the cold winds blowing along the corridors were called, "male winds," so she wore her see-through nightdress over jeans and a very thick jumper. To be sure that people would still know she was a vampire, the jumper had a very large, pink bat on it. And as to guys, well, it was normal for a girl to dream about guys; she just wished the dreams could have involved chocolates and holding hands, not leaping out at someone, ripping off his shirt, and demanding to know what blood type he was (at least not on the first date).

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

“Vampires are real” and I am not talking of today’s living vampires but the traditional blood drinking undead kind.

“Vampires are real” and I am not talking of today’s living vampires but the traditional blood drinking undead kind.

As statements go that is one that always get people fighting over the meaning of real and in some cases with claws, fangs and biting and the ones that shout and scream the loudest are normally followers of one of the latest deities to be added to the very long list of one and only Gods.

This kind of statement can be made due to the individual concept of reality expanding too many millions sharing the same concept of a given reality.

The way this works due to the way humans can ignore the meaning of Veritas and go for the more popular numbers game such as Christianity is real due to it 2.2 billion believe in Christ. Compared to just 15 million Jews so to go by the numbers game Christianity wins of the reality number game.  

The logic of the reality numbers game can then used to show that vampires are real due to the numbers of people that believe them to be real would be well over 15 million world wide so using the logic of belief Undead vampires have a greater reality than the Jewish idea of God.

From a course on Cognitive Dissonance

‘Beliefs often lull us into a false perception of reality because they "feel-good" to do so. Our erroneous self-views and worldviews can be maintained this way. We need to have more care, courage and will-power to face reality as it is, and drop many of our false beliefs that can be known to be such, and stop purporting others to be "truth".

Know the definition and meaning of words as they were created to reflect aspects of reality (etymology is a good place to start). Beliefs do not equate to truth. Truth in Latin is veritas, and it's veracious, verifiable, and demonstrable.’

Monday, August 29, 2016

WhatsApp and Facebook data sharing plan being investigated

The UK's Information Commissioner (ICO) is looking into WhatsApp's decision to share more data with parent company Facebook.
The data about WhatsApp users will be used to help targeted advertising seen by people on Facebook.
It will share phone numbers and the details of the last time that users signed on to WhatsApp, with Facebook.
The ICO said because the changes would affect a lot of people it wanted more details about what was being shared.
Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said in a statement that users' opinions about the change was likely to be split.
"Some might consider it'll give them a better service, others may be concerned by the lack of control," she said.
"Our role is to pull back the curtain on things like this, ensuring that companies are being transparent with the public about how their personal data is being shared and protecting consumers by making sure the law is being followed."
While organisations did not need to get prior permission from the ICO to change how they handle personal data, any change had to remain within data protection laws, she added.
Any organisation that breaks the Data Protection Act can be fined up to £500,000 by the ICO.


WhatsApp revealed the changes in a blogpost and said sharing more data would let it provide "more relevant" suggestions about who users should connect with.
Spam and abuse would also be better tackled thanks to the data-sharing deal, it added. The messaging firm also provided instructions for people who did not want their data to be shared.
One analyst said some users might see the change of policy as a "betrayal" because the company had previously pledged to remain independent of Facebook.

Changes made by WhatsApp to its privacy policy to share info with Facebook will be investigated by British authorities.
The Information Commissioner's Office, which oversees the use of data in the UK, has said that it is looking into the changes that WhatsApp has made to its terms and conditions.
Though both of the companies are based outside of the UK, the ICO can regulate how the company uses the information of people in Britain.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Saying ‘Transylvania joining EU could see one million vampires in UK by 2020 got me a 24hr ban on Facebook !!!

Someone reported a post on my group Vampire Politics on Facebook saying it was racial hatred or xenophobia.

They got me on racial hatred or xenophobia ……. As if I of all people would object to the UK being invaded by thousands of vampires from Transylvania

It was a spoof news report on the dangers of letting Tranavania into the EU as we would have 1000000 vampires in the UK ! and border control may not work as they could fly over it

LOOK it has the title: This article ‘Transylvania joining EU could see one million vampires in UK by 2020’ was published on the satirical news site NewsThump

I asked FB to explain just why this would get me banned and they just reactivated my account but did not say anything

Sometimes I do wonder if the members of Facebook have noticed that facebook is not so much social media but more a matrix type online game …..lol


Vampire Politics meets the EU

Posted on  by firekrank

This article ‘Transylvania joining EU could see one million vampires in UK by 2020’ was published on the satirical news site NewsThump. Adding a Gothic twist to Brexit, it exaggerates fears regarding national identity by suggesting that by remaining in the EU, Britain remains open to invasion from foreign blood suckers. Though not directly referred to, the article is based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) and its presentation of Transylvania and the vampire mythology. This is particularly interesting given the representation of the foreign Other in this novel. As Stephen Arata argues in ‘The Occidental Tourist: Dracula and the Anxiety of Reverse Colonization’ the novel enacts a fear of the ‘civilised’ world, in this case Britain, being invaded by ‘primitive’ forces, Count Dracula, in much the same way as the British Empire attacked countries and cultures that were perceived to be ‘primitive’. It is this relationship between vampires, ‘foreignness’ and British political xenophobia that the article from NewsThump plays on via the medium of Stoker’s Gothic novel.

However, the mythology of Dracula as the archetypal vampire hailing from Transylvania is made more complex by the knowledge that Stoker’s novel views the Romanian country through the prism of cultural imperialism. His vampire is an Anglo-Irish invention based on the misinterpretation of foreign folklore. In light of Arata’s analysis of Dracula and reverse colonization, the fear of the vampire and its relation to the Romanian population seems even more flawed. It is a circular relationship: the creation of the monstrous foreign Other, such as Count Dracula, and its dissemination in popular culture confirms xenophobic fears and allays imperial guilt. The monster’s traits can then be read back onto the people themselves which is what has happened in regards to fears about immigration within the EU.

What the article doesn’t acknowledge is that Romania is already part of the EU. More problematically the image of vampires was evoked when Romania became part of the EU as British tabloid newspapers framed the arrival of Romanian migrant workers as an invasion threatening to suck the life blood from British labourers. This article from The Sun gives a taste of the xenophobic tone of this ‘journalism’. (Which is acknowledged and interrogated in this article from The Guardian by Stewart Lee). The framing of this piece is a reimagining of Dracula for the twenty-first century but one which has seeped from a fictional text into newspapers. The tone of The Sun’s article has all the markers of, to use Patrick Brantlinger’s term, imperial Gothic yet unlike its counterpart from NewsThump, it is not satire nor fiction. Much of what I have discussed reminded me of the paper given byDr Duncan Light at the ‘Beliefs and Behaviours in Education and Culture’ conference which Sam and I attended last year. Dr Light has written about the impact of Stoker’s novel in The Dracula Dilemma: Tourism, Identity and the State in Romania but the paper he gave considered more how British culture viewed Romanians due to the lasting influence of Count Dracula.

What my brief discussion has shown, I hope, is the final line between reactionary and revolutionary forces in the Gothic. Whilst I rarely recommend going below the article to the Comments Section, it is interesting to do so here. Some commentators have acknowledged the satirical quality of the article but one person states that they ‘thought they [vampires] were already here cos someone somewhere is sucking the life out of this nation’. The language used here remains within the Gothic and the vampiric but from the point of view that Britain is already a Gothic nightmare colonized by the foreign Other. An article that attempts to attack xenophobic fears and show them to be childish and superstitious is re-interpreted (rather than ‘misinterpreted’) to lend further weight to those fears.

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VAMPIRE My Life as a Teenage Vampire Girl (illustrated)


Life as a Teenage Vampire

Only $2.99 

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This very funny vampire novel is very different from your normal vampire book

not just because it is bursting with full colour art fitted in with the text showing the life of a young vampire forced to walk about in a transparent nightdress all day without underwear because that is what female vampires are supposed to do!

“The massacre on 22nd and 3rd was greatly exaggerated by the human newspapers and not altogether my fault.

It was my very first hunting trip, and a girl should not be judged by her first bite night. And no one ever talks about me saving the life of that cat.

Besides, most of them kind of killed themselves without any help from me...."

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NEW BOOK Male to Female Gender Bender with illustrations

Male to Female Gender Bender 

A Bad Hair Day

Amy Mah

4,576 out of 1,000,000 books on Amazon

 "A Bad Hair Day" is currently ranked #4,576 out of over one million books in the Kindle Store

And the Author reached
9,059th in the world ! on Amazon Author stats 

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A unique take on Male to Female body changing, M2F, gender change, Age Regression, gender bender, possession and School work.

Wearing high heels to blow up a building and steal alien technology had not been a good idea.

Willingly being infected by an alien parasite had been more of a mistake.

Perhaps it had not been the best of ideas to ask for help and protection from a parasite looking for a new home.

Being blown up, shot, thrown off a cliff and then drowned, was just the start of the problems to be had when asking for alien help.

But how was JJ to know the parasite could give him a new life package including having to start middle school again.

As for protection “she” could now grow homicidal hair with a mind of it's own that would bite anyone that tried to touch it or her.

She did know it was normal for girls to worry about their hair, but her personal worry was how to stop it from eating people.

Available on AMAZON as a kindle and paperback

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Do not ask for help from a gender confused parasite, whilst wearing a dress and pretending to be a woman.

A unique take on Male to Female body changing, M2F, gender change, Age Regression, gender bender, possession and School work.

Wearing a dress on a job to steal alien technology had not been JJ’s idea, and it did not help that they said he looked cute in high heels.

Willingly being infected by an alien parasite had been more of a mistake than clear thinking on his part.

Perhaps it had not been the best of ideas to ask for help and protection from a gender confused parasite, whilst wearing a dress and pretending to be a woman.

Being blown up, shot, thrown off a cliff and then drowned, looked to be time for a career change.

But how was JJ to know the parasite could give him a new life package including changing his age and gender.

As for protection “she” could now grow homicidal hair that would bite anyone that tried to touch it or her.

She did know it was normal for girls to worry about their hair, but her personal worry was how to explain to the police about the bodies.

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