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Pubic Hair Extensions and Pubic Hair Fashion for Vampires by Amy Mah Vampire

Pubic Hair Fashion for Vampires

My Undead maid died and got turned way back in the dark ages …..During the 1970’s I think, like most of the undead Vampire girls she does not bother with panties …or in fact any underwear! well it is not that they need to visit the bathroom apart from washing blood off the fangs.

So vampires from her time have wonderful examples of Undergrowth …er…..Personal Rainforest, and like the head hair of the undead it instantly grows back if cut ! .................

after the first 100 years they so give up on waxing everyday.

I have noticed that with some of the more fashionable maids turn their rain-forest into a pony tail and the more adventurous ones attach pubic hair extensions from the ones they have killed as a fashion statement along with colored beads or little bells……….you may ask how I know this ……..well they all like wearing very short skirts and bend over a lot when male vampires walk past 

………..well one can’t help but notice 

………...especially when the beads are in day glow orange and green, and as to the little bells 

well they give a completely different meaning to the words having a tinkle.

If you think that is odd you should see what wearing makeup is like for maids which can not see a reflection in a mirror !


Amy Mah is a snarky, sarcastic and cynical author who writes of her life as a modern Vampire and whose books can be seen at: www.FangsRule.com or on Amazon Amy has written VAMPIRE where you read of her problems of living her life as a blood chilling denizen of the night.

Body Swap 

Swapping bodies with a young female demon had not been part of the planned vacation. 

Nor was having to attend a demonic high school for the magically gifted. 

When the most magical thing you could do was set your own underwear on fire.

 Life was not going to be easy, even less so with a painful tail that everyone trod on.

 Owning a magic sword that always tried to look up your skirt when fighting was not helpful. 

But then nor was having a telepathic diary that corrected your thinking instead of your spelling.

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Blade as viewed by a Vampire

Here we have a dark blood thirsty murdering evil that walks the night in search of new ways of killing ………

……. Am I talking about vampires?

No, I am talking about Blade! This monster is a cross between Buffy and Van Helsing but on Acid!

He is very special as he is a day walker type of vampire, this is very rare, but does he use his great gift for good? No just for death and mayhem, which is dished out with such great pleasure, to both his own kind and humans?

He likes to kill with a sword as he says it is a good way to kill vampires ……

….. duh …Like it is a good way to kill most things in both the undead and living world the loss of a head is nature’s way of saying goodbye to the need of visiting a hairdresser ever again.

So that he does not need to drink blood he has a special drug that has to be injected regularly as takes away his blood addiction, one just wishes it would also take away his gross antisocial habits.

Ho yes the drug also make you vomit if you eat food so not someone you will ever wish to have a meal with.

Different from the films in the TV series he has two partners          er…..  well I say partners “Shen” is someone to help with weapons and whom he treats like a vampire pet, and Krista who when turned into a vampire looks to me more normal when she is not taking the drug ……………. Well she kills a lot less people when not on the drug, so I think perhaps it is the drug that makes her evil.

Like the time when two vampires were helping to drive her to a meeting and she just killed them without any real reason!

See evil, ……… What normal person would do something like that if they were not on drugs!

But then normal goes out the window when Krista has to go swimming in a pool of blood ……….. er…. how stupid is that?
Just a way of letting everyone on the film set know she is female.

So the idea given of being nude is so she does not make the blood dirty? ……er……….Like would you like to drink it afterwards? And perhaps being the one that finds her pubic hairs in you mouth yuk     ………… and she was under the surface for like 10 hours …….without visiting the bathroom? …………. God she must have a bladder made of cast iron! And another reason not to risk drinking blood people have bathed in!

She must have been just sitting under the surface of the blood with her legs crossed as there is not a lot you can do in blood…………… it is way too sticky to swim in and it separates so quickly when it starts to congeal that you would need to brake the surface scab to let her out ……….

So this is a very good TV series about a mass murderer, someone that has nothing better to do but kill tax paying vampires and their human servants ………..sorry …ok he does not always kill the human servants…no sometimes he just gauges out the eyes!  ..  Er episode 12 – 13 …..for gods sake the now blind man was only an architect and all he was doing is designing a meeting house so why be so nasty? Look at the new jobs he had helped create on building construction sites and now he is blind.

Going back to Blade who is something like a born vampire who started out by just killing people for blood like a normal vampire and then turning the only people that befriended him into vampires leaving left them to be ostracized by the rest of the vampire world because of what Blade got up to by killing vampires for pleasure.

At this point we learn that all gang members that were his friends and have the same gang tattoos as blade has and when they meet up he kills them all!  Well that is not someone I would like to have as a friend on Facebook.

Apart from the normal day to day killings he is kinda pissed off with the House of Chthon but never quite sure why as it is a very good vampire business which supports the arts and local politics, the manager of the House is a turnling called Marcus he is mega cute and without the drug Krista enjoyed being bedded by him on a number of occasions, at least once while Blade watches! The Pervert!!

The ending of the series is good but needs a second series hopefully showing a great and glorious permanent death of blade so that we can all sleep a little easier in out coffins.

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We don’t get why zombies are more populare than vampires: the latter are handsome, smart, charming, they can hypnotize you and being bite it’s not that bad. Try to be bit by a zombie! Vampire fashion has always been a source of inspiration for many alternative clothing styles: gothic is the main one (without any doubt!) but everyone can get inspired by vampires, not only goths. Bring mystery, allure, elegance and a bit of brocade into your life and your self-esteem (and boyfriend/girlfriend) will thank you for that!
“I Don’t sparkle ……..I Bite !!!”
Amy Mah – Fangs Rule: A Girls Guide to Being a Vampire

Vampire Inspired Fashion

Vampires are not always that gothic (they’re not always like Lestat from Interview with a Vampire) they can also be trendy and sparling like the infamous Edward (Twilight anyone?). We do prefer gothic vampires of course, because we love the subtle sensuality of the typical Ann Rice vampire: that look will never go out of style! Bring some black, red and purple int your wardrobe! (Oh, you silly mortal!)

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Eating Out as a Single Girl by Amy Mah (Vampire)

Eating Out as a Single Girl 
by Amy Mah  (Vampire)

Every girl remembers the good old Dad and daughter nights out where he would show off his parental skills by picking out a nice succulent morsel for you to eat while he kept careful watch out for the cops.

But as you grow older he may not trust you to have boyfriends up to your room, or let you drive the family car …. But as long as you are home before Dawn and don’t star on murder watch, then the night is yours.

So let me offer some advice

First it is best to go on your own, and yes I know you want to take at least one undead maid with you but you know what happens when the smell of fresh blood hits them and you are left to deal with flashing blue lights and a pile of empties to explain!

Even if you have own personally turned leave her back at the nest, with the personally turned you will get the constant mental communication in your mind:.. “Please mistress can I bite him! He is so cute and I am sure he would not even notice me nibble him if I helped him remove his pants first”.

Plan on what to wear and take with you.

What to wear:

Ok Short Skirts and San Panties may attract attention as you leap across a roof but as you sure you want your food drooling?

Besides even in summer it can get kinda draughty roof hopping and that sort of cold forces you to either cross your legs a lot or spend a lot of time searching for a rooftop restroom.

So ….

1.   Comfy Undies, which means a sports bra and panties that do not try and fit internally.

2.   Dark Clothing, (Hint) Black is always in fashion for a vampire.

3.   Flat shoes with good firm grip on slopes.

4.   Wear your Helsing body armour! Yes I know it pinches your boobies but they all to that, and a stake would hurt more.

What to Take:

1.   Back pack (in black, with or without bat design)

2.   Cell phone in case you need to call dad if they send a swap team after you like last time.

3.   Wet wipes, small bottle of water and some tissues………… For the messy eater these are a must to remove the blood unless you only hunt on Halloween.

4.   Windup torch, well it is always useful.

5.   Duck tape (in black)

The Food

We all know you can get the blood bagged and yes it is kinda ok, but nothing can compare to a personally hunted meal ….and yes I know we are all living very busy lives nowadays but it is cultural and one should at least try not let a culture suffer just because some vamps think it is cruel to hunt live food.

And let me put your minds to rest and report that the food enjoys being hunted! I have even checked on some of the human hunter sites and hunt your own game fresh sites and they say the game enjoys the chase and if you go for the slow ones then it keeps keep the breeding stock healthy.

I have even seen photos of fish that have been caught several times with proof that they have been hooked more than once so must enjoy the fight with the fisherman….. so you may find that if you do not kill someone you may get the chance in the future as Humans love the thrill of being hunted.       

1.    Fast food ………. The underground railway system is perfect, you can do what ever you want on a tube train and no one even pretends to care, if standing room only then use the duck tape to attach your snack to a hold rail, as it is impolite to have your food drop into the laps of fellow passengers.

2.    If you are not up to a hunt but still want your food fresh, I found wearing a very short skirt and standing on a street corner will get you lots of meals stop their cars and offer their bodies to you, you even get to keep the car after you dump the body.

3.     The first two are far too easy, what you should always go for is the traditional hunt where you can drop down off a roof onto a passing house breaker so show him what it is like to be broken into.   

And yes this is the tradition way and not as the guys would have it as brake into some girls bedroom leaving several hours later without having bitten her, but instead covered in lipstick and bite marks she made on him !    

“Evil is as Evil does” (yes, it is a real saying, you can look it up.)

Why do people think traditional Vampires of Myth are evil? (And then take on their name “Vampire” and dress like them …… Hummmm now that is a whole new ‘can of worms’) What sort of human morality comes into play when you can call a shark or a snake evil and if you did would they care? 

The clue is we are seeing a reflection of ourselves in how they act, and to see evil in a traditional vampire is to say you can see evil in yourselves. 

  See Me at: www.amymahvampire.com


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The Graveyard Press - Conflict within the Vampire Community - Amy Mah Vampire


Written by A.V.F
1/21/2015 © Graveyardpress ™
Verbatim From 
The Tensions between the so called Vampire Community (VC) and a totally separate Vampire Fiction Fans (VF) group have escalated recently as conflicts between them spread. There has always been a fairly healthy cross over between the two elements. Most of the time it has been fairly respectful. Recently I was able to talk to members on both sides of the debate. Deacon Gray and Anthony Hogg.

I find myself wondering what’s really behind all the hostility

DG: “It’s not that either side is filled with bad people, or overly arrogant people. They are just people with strong opinions that see no reason to compromise due to internet insulation. Also the people involved have different motivations behind their words. The way I see is is that any conversation has value until the first person goes away from the topic and turns toward insults, or uses words that could be considered insulting. Disrespecting the conversation or the people who are having it by playing silly games can be certainly lead to hostility.

More often than not, the breakdown of the thread and escalation of hostility has to do with bickering about semantics, and other pointless issues.

With both sides posturing over the last few days, it seemed like I would find it fairly easy to get someone from the other point of view to speak out, and it was. Anthony Hogg was asked his opinions about the issue and this is what he had to say

AH: “To me, it’s more than just semantics; there’s a genuine confusion within the VC over what a vampire’s supposed to be. Though some utilize the term for convenience’s sake, others utilize it more literally, thus displaying incredible historical ignorance, and using oxymorons like ‘real vampire,’ which should be clarified. The recent events Deacon Gray refers to offense taken at Amy Mah’s recent tongue-in-cheek comments, made in character, about ‘donors’ on my Facebook group. That means people in the community are trying to apply politically correct notions to imaginary beings most folk in the VC don’t even believe in, anyway! It’s crazy. This is why discussing things in context is important, not forming online lynch mobs.”

So all of this is a fairly new conflict, but hasn’t there always been a lot of ?

“It’s not new at all. In fact it is one the elements I find distasteful about the public vampire community. Every time there is a news article about some “Vampire Attack” or “Vampire Killer” someone from the Vampire Community feels the need to go out onto the news site and educate the reporters and readers about their perspective of a what a real vampire is. Of course even within the VC there isn’t a single quantitative answer to that question. We see someone go out there and make an ass of themselves pretty much every time the subject comes up in the media. The downside is that the Vampire Fans, well some of them, find the vampire community a great source for their own entertainment.

A lot of the time they want to use it for their own articles, stories, or self promotion. ‘These people are freaky vampires, but I bet they will love my story’, or ‘ I make jewelry that is gothic, I bet they would be interested in that.’ But I would say the worse of the lot are those who claim to be skeptics, but are really just antagonists.
Their claim to be simply studying or using healthy skepticism is fine, but they failed to see when those discussions have gone passed their logical conclusion. You also have to remember that some of those who are engaging in this behavior aren’t doing so at face value. In 2009 we had a young writer come in to cause issues basically for publicity. I believe we are seeing some of that developing as well ”
The Vampirologist, Anthony Hogg, had a different take on the subject.

“I don’t see much skepticism in the VC at all; at least, not balanced, overarching skepticism. There certainly is a lot of skepticism when it comes to who’s ‘real’ and who’s ‘fake’; banter not far removed from high school cliques.

The irony is, that neither ‘side’ as any proper verification: vampirism is not a recognized condition, outside of psychological papers on ‘clinical vampirism’ which doesn’t even have DSM-5 recognition. In essence, it’s like arguing over comic book character traits. Fan-fic territory; a purely subjective thing. This schoolyard bickering gets in the way of applying serious study to the field, as we’re essentially dealing with people who ‘don’t need’ any proof – but still argue over who’s real and isn’t among themselves anyway.

What makes it worse, is that skeptics are sometimes dismissed as ‘trolls.’ How is dismissing any form of criticism or discussion that steps outside of a circle jerk, ‘trolling’? That is an incredibly unhealthy view for a community to uphold. Not only does it inhibit critical thought, but it also encourages ‘groupthink’ and cult-like behavior. Skepticism should be encouraged, not vilified.”

Why does there have to be conflict at all? I realize strong opinions are going to happen, but are they so strong that we cannot allow each other different thoughts on a subject and move on with topics we can agree with, after all most of the VC members are serious fans as well. Why does there have to be animosity when there is so much to agree on?

“That would be amazing. There are a lot of things that our communities are in sync about. We both have a love for vampire fiction in its many different forms. The truth is that there will always be people out there who see the VC members and suspect the local mental hospital ran out of beds. Being well skilled in the psychology field, I am sure, they will drop in, not to stroke their own ego’s, but to help the poor deluded people find their way back to reason. They will say they are “just curious” or that they really “find the community fascinating” at first, then move toward the idea of “helping those who are being lead into believing the vampire non-sense” Of course the VC members will be more than happy to join in the conflict, and it doesn’t take long before they are both arguing the definition and spelling of vampire all over again. Both sides of the conflict have their trolls, and both sides will see those trolls come out in force the moment they smell a good debate that they can turn into mudslinging.”

Deacon, I read your last article, are you trying to say that you are immune or above mudslinging?”

“Not at all, respect is earned and I tend to conduct my own discourse based on the level of respect I have for the individual. Everyone starts out with basic human respect from me, though not everyone shares that mentality . Recently a pundit who didn’t like my article decided to jump into the debate. That would not have been an issue, but he lost my respect by immediately being condescending. I just blocked him and moved on, I don’t recall his name.

The subject of that article “Bubble Gum Vampires Speak” might say the same thing about me, but if she looked back over the various posts she would see I wasn’t condescending with her at all initially. It took some time to lose my respect to that level, not that it is OK to be mean.

“I’m not even sure who Gray is referring to; and that’s something else that should be addressed: if you can’t ‘name names,’ don’t imply things about people. This passive-aggressive bullshit must stop.

On my own groups I encourage debate; too many groups and forums shy from it, because it escalates into mudslinging. I understand that. However, I take a different approach: we all let off some steam sometimes. Things get heated, but deep down, everyone is ‘decent’, especially if you give them a chance to cool off and apologize. Those that don’t? Well, that’s on their heads. All should strive for clarity: question what someone says, what they’re saying; resist the urge to jump down their throat. Try to understand them.

Amy Mah is a classic case: few seem to ‘get’ that she is a satirist, but through satire, she opens the door to self-reflection. Like many, I was at first a little hostile toward her, but then I started talking to her and finally ‘got’ her. Her discussions on ‘spheres’ of reality are particularly intriguing and I would encourage others to open dialogue with her, too. At the end of the day, many disagreements come from two parties being unable to understand each other, as it does from outright malice. Give people the benefit of the doubt.”

” The ‘Amy Mah’ debate is an interesting point. She uses her fictional persona as a means to slip out of accountability for the things she says. It’s too easy to be insulting, or flippant toward the vampire community, than back peddle blaming it on a fictional character, or claiming it’s satire. You have to remember she is interacting with people having a real conversation, and role playing a character…sometimes. I understand Anthony’s defensiveness about her though, they are partners on several ventures.

I’m not positive that the conflict between the two elements will ever be fully resolved, but I am positive that if they stopped posturing and simply had conversations, that they would find more they agree on than disagree about. So in closing I would like to ask a fairly simple question. “Dracula Untold” do you think it was a new high for the vampire fiction Genre? I loved the film, but what did you think of it? Deacon I will start with you

“It touches a little more on some of the traditional elements of the Dracula story based on Hungarian historical setting, but it has nothing on the old classics novels. For me Bram’s Dracula is unparalleled as a novel, though far from historically accurate in the time period, but it’s a lot better than Twilight.
At the same time the projected villainy of the Ottoman Turks is over played, it was such an demonification of the culture as to be amusing. If you were actually looking at historical context the Ottoman were entering into an enlightened period in their history, while the Eastern Eurpoens were so busy fighting over every scrap of nobility that they ultimately lost the region.

Anthony, your thoughts? I think it was passable popcorn entertainment. It was like 300 (2006) meets The Mummy (1999). Nothing spectacular, but it shows how far we’ve come from Universal’s first Draculaoffering in 1931: the bad guy’s now the good guy. Well, not quite: to make him the ‘good’ guy, you have to strip him, or dilute all his unsavory habits: like his sick sense of humour!

Let’s face it: the guy was a fuckin’ psychopath, but in the movie, he’s a tragic antihero. The other thing that interests me, is how much it blends the vampire/Dracula mythos with the myth McNally and Florescu created by shoehorning as much of Stoker’s story into Vlad’s. Movies like this, help undo all the hard work of scholars like Elizabeth Miller, who’ve spent decades unraveling that Gordian knot. But eh, at the end of the day, it’s just a movie.

For details on Amy Mah Vampire please visit 

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Writer Attacked by Vampires

Amy Mah and the Real Vampires


As a hardcore sceptic, conspiration theories, mechanism of gullibility and human stupidity has always been my favourite debate topics, but I have never written on them here for they aren' fit in this blog's policy. But there is always a first time, now I have found the contact point of con-theos and the dark-alternative subcultures: the case of Amy Mah.

The books

Amy Mah is a thirty years old writer, who has started the business three years ago, has published several paperback books and hosts a succesful blog (her books on Amazon.com). 

Her style can be called metafiction; this narrative technique constantly raises the reader's awarness on the fact that the artifact is merely an artifact. Usually this technique doesn't let the reader get involved in the story, but combined with diary-like narrative the effects turn to the opposite, it becomes uncannily realistic.

A paralel example for easier understanding: metafiction is when characters in a film nows and tells they are in a film. This results in the viewer not believing what they see - except when it is a found footage film, in witch case it only enhances the sense of reality.
This technique can be demanding, as the autor basically has to be an actor, has to live the life of the character whose point of view the story is written (the guy with the camera), and has to tell the story with the words and style of that character.

Amy Mah uses the point of view of a sarcastic teenage vampire who has to face similar problems to human teenagers: friends, boyfriends, love, sex, adults and acne (caused by sunlight here). The books got mixed reviews: some say there isn't enough description and backstory written, others say metafiction doesn't even need descriptions. Some say it's too explicit for children and too simple for adults, others claim that it's the very meaning of Young Adult Fiction. I haaven't read the books myself, only the blod, and my oppinion is that Amy is far from being Anne Rice YET, but she has talent and potential to create something great and beautiful.

Where's the problem?

It's a beginning of a beautiful career, you may say, why do I think it's strange in any way?

The reason is that some of the critical voices, most of them actually aims not the books but the author. It seems that an innocent piece of teen-vampire-literature could outraged the so called vampire communities so much that the Facebook- and interne pages of Amy are constantly reported, her publisher was threatend to be sued, and she even got several death threats.

The most bizarre detail of the story are the reasons: the "real" vampires consider the books dangerous to their community because

· it ridicules real vampires

· it can stimulate mortals believing they're vampires thus endangering their and other's life, by jumping off somewhere thinking they can fly or going on a murdering spree in order to get blood,

· it is giving away the thousands years old secrets of the vampire community.


Erhmagerd, I don't have enough hands to do the proper nuber of facepalms here.

I really intended to argue sensibly and give logical reasons, but for fuck's sake...

Real vampires? Like REAL vampires? Whattehell?

I have seen things in my short life. I have seen my granny raising funds to free a fictional slave girl of a soap opera (note: a brasil soap opera titled A Escrava Isaura was a popular one in my country and elderly women giving all their money to free the main character was a real cultural and economic problem.); people tried to convince me that the Lich King and Slenderman (!) lives under the city lake in my hometown; one of my classmates firmly believed that she is married to Uchiha Itachi; and I know a girl who is deeply convinced that she is the Emperess of Lebanon and the last heiress of Árpád-house (firsd royal dinasty of my country). It's hard to impress me, I know that reality and the wits of people are flexible. But this one is, just...


Who are these people anyway? It is hard to believe that there are people on earth who thinks they're vampires, so before writting a raging article of passion I asked an expert, Anthony Hogg.

(I don't have to emphasize they're not real vampires, as vampires, in the mythological meaning of the word does not exist - right?)

Mr. Hogg told me that tese "vampire communities" brings together people who can identify themselves with the traditional or novel image of vampires.
So here's a list of their ilks:

· Normal people of the subculture - perfectly normal and innocent people who adore vampire literature and folklore and the whole dark-alternative subculture grown around it. They have never claimed to be a vampire in the mythological sense.

· Roleplayers - moderately normal and perfectly innocent people who play vampire roleplay games like The Masquerade, or games they have made up. They regulary claim to be vampires, but they know it's only a make-believe for them.

· Energy Vampires - They claim to be able to absorb and feed on the life energy of others. Well, I'm sceptic, and will never believe something unmeasurable and undemonstrable, but I can't blame the believers - it's more of a belief, a religion, than anything else. The idea of energy-vampirism is not a new thing, pcych's of the 1930's came up with it, it's like the dark and evil twin of the energy-healing.

· Otherkin - This interesting subculture would deserve more publicity; it's almost like a mixture of animism and LGBT culture. It's members, like transgender people, believe that their soul was born in a wrong body, but instead of missing the gender they missed the species. So (unlike some of the types below) they know that they are humans, but claim that their soul is of a wolf/turtle/bat/unicorn/dragon, or, as expected, a vampire.

· Modern day vampires - Hard stuff. They believe to be real vampires, but in their system of believes the immortality and the blooddrinking are merely symbolical stuff: Immortality is in fact reincarnating again and again, thus has to "wake up" in every single life, and bloodsucking is a ritual of absorbing life energy (like energy-vampires do), where only some drops of real blood is enough. To be honest this one looks like a religion as well, but with somehow more complex mythology and rituals.

· Sangvinarians - It means exactly as you would think: people who regulary consume blood for any reasons. Opposite of "energy vampires".

· Traditional vampires - The dead end. They claim to be hundreds or even thousands of years old mytical creatures who are feed on human blood and burned by sunlight. Seems totally legit.

Some psychologists call these beahiour VPD syndrome (Vampire Personality Disorder), commonly known as Renfield-syndrome, however, the offical position callifies the aformentioned conditions as schizophrenia and parasexuality (ill-conditioned cases of sexuality).

Long story short, Amy Mah is threatend by the craziest elements of this particular subculture, and their only reason is not being able to understand the concept of fiction.

Yes, there are people jumping off the third floor after watching Dragon Ball believing they can fly (tragic and memorable incident in our country, after which Dragon Ball was banned on TV), and yes, there are people who feel the urge to go on a killing spree after listening to The Beatles' Helter Skelter (like Charles Manson), or reading The Catcher in the Rye (like Mark David Chapman, murderer of John Lennon), but in these cases something went horribly wrong in their heads way before getting in contact the "triggering" piece of art.

And yes, there are idiots who believe everything they read, so go on searching for the descendants of Jesus, or extraterrestrials in New Jersey, or vampires in New Orleans.

But this is not normal.

In the twenty-first century it's not normal for a fantasy-writer to be afraid because of her works.

(On the other hand, people taking a piece of art so seriously is a great achievement for an artist - aster all, Orson Welles was also laughing inside while apologising for the panic his radio drama triggered.)

Why am I writing about this

Apart from finding amusement in the dark and twisted logic of clinically insane.

Browsing through the discourse on Amy's books I have came across comments several times where brave defendants of the "real" vampires used the word "gothic" as the synonym for their vampire subculture, and this made me think. I know I have been fiercely arguing against excluding people of our subculture merely for not agreeing with their deeds, but this is just...

It's one step too far.

As none of the dark-alternative subcultures are about depression, none of them are about lying/believing to be a thousands years old mythical creature - both are existing and serious psychiatric conditions in need of treatment. A subculture can't be organised around an illness!

Of course, the vampire subculture is real, and (within reasonable limits) there's nothing wrong with it, it sure shares elements and even members with the gothic community - but if you believe to be thousand of years old and need blood to stay alive, or that every written word is true, please, don't hesitate to see your doctor!

by: A

Bejegyezte: Láng Anikó 

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VAMPIRES ARE REAL ! by Amy Mah Vampire

 by Amy Mah Vampire

I have a feeling no one knows that Metafiction is a literary device used to self-consciously and systematically draw attention to a work's status as an artifact. It poses questions about the relationship between fiction and reality, usually using irony and self-reflection. .... It is done by ‘real’ (we can discuss the word real later) people. It is used to bring forward new ideas on old subjects that may may then be looked at in different ways.

I often use this to explain a point in a funny way.

But that is just how I like to put over ideas. In my book ‘Vampire’ which is illustrated by manga drawings.

I placed myself in as the main Character looking at the human world from the viewpoint of a teenage vampire; an artist then used photos of me when I was a teenager to create the manga image effect.

Within the books we can see how reality is not as fixed as some may think it is, you will see me as the character writing a book, the book is written to explain the problems of being a teenage vampire but it is written from within another book, as for reality that book is real and now also published, world wide. 

To the many questions I get: “Will you turn me into a vampire” I normally tell people the best I can offer is to turn you into is lunch, people need to read up more on the vampire myth, a hint is sharp teeth, blood and normally a large pile of empties.

I also get asked if I am a real Vampire, and to this I will say YES!

Are you A REAL VAMPIRE ? ….Yes! ..er now explain to me what reality is.

The modern meaning of the word vampire has so expanded beyond the dictionary definition that I am curtain I can fit into its meaning, today within the Vampire Community you will find:

Blood drinkers and their donors, these fit the vampire word meaning the best.

Psi Vamps (with other names) that are people that can take mental energy from other people willingly or unwillingly and feed off it.

Werewolves (No don’t ask me why, but I expect it is due to Holywood)


From Wiki Furo we get this and perhaps the reason for Werewolves

Otherkin feel they have a sympathetic connection, affinity, or some other form of relation with another animal or being. Traditionally these have been mythological in nature, beginning with fairy and fay folk, elves, and a few other European mythological archetypes. Later, associations with other creatures became common, including unicorns, gryphons, dragons, angelics, and demons; as well as "non-living" types such as golems and other inorganics.

In time, some people also began to describe concepts for beings which were derived from mythological archetypes, though having unique qualities; fully undefinable or one-of-a-kind kin types appeared as well.

With the unusual nature of the basic otherkin premises, there has been skepticism directed at it along with the proposal that many people adopt the otherkin identity to justify social difficulties - the outcast syndrome - or because they have a delusion and are in denial about their biological humanity. The idea that otherkin believe they are physically non-human in a spectacular way - such as actually being biological dragons - is seen as a pervasive misunderstanding by otherkin themselves, who point out the spiritual and psychological focus of the concept. Some community members believe this confusion arises from those unfamiliar with the concept or having only a sketchy or distorted awareness; comparing it to psychiatric cases such as lycanthropy and dissociative identity disorder, and concluding that in order for someone to state that they identify as an elf or gryphon, they must be experiencing a form of hallucination or delusion.

It would not surprise me if tax inspectors did not also fit somewhere within the word VAMPIRE new meaning.

Let us move on.

REAL and FAKE are both 4 letter words and are so often treated as such as if they were cuss words, perhaps they should be as they mostly used incorrectly.

For an example:

It is interesting to look at how “REAL” is used and for an example in say the social media Face Book, there you will come across group headings like “The Real Vampire Community” why use the word “REAL”? Is it trying to say it is different from something which is not real? Or perhaps you can get groups called The UN-Real Vampire Community or the Fake Vampire Community.

I do tend to worry when one has to inform any membership what is real and what is not, and then always refuse to explain the meaning of reality, especially when Vampire is so strongly linked to a Myth.

It is also interesting along with kind of worrying that reality is never agreed upon even by some of the sub groups in the Vampire Community that are trying to take over the said community and at times act like cults by attacking anyone that questions their take on reality, with not only foul language but personal threats, (which I may post sometime so people can see just how unstable some folk get)

Some vampire community members confirm that I am a Vampire (yes I do have it in writing) but not the type they like and should nut be allowed to put forward my ideas.

Not sure if this is racist or specie-ist

Well apart from my own race and specie (what ever that is) I do enjoy discovering as much as I can on how the Vampire myth is being changed over the last few years, and I do find excellent research material.

For example the Sub groups Otherkin which are connected to the Vampire Community, It was recently explained to me by one blood interested Otherkin.

“ I seem to experience something akin to "the thirst," "the need," etc as to what some websites call it; however, nothing stops mine nor does it get worse if I do nothing. It just stays kind of in the background and always has”

Now Multiplicity is a medical term for it, the following explanation is what I obtained off the internet but it looks to be the general meaning:

“Healthy multiplicity is the idea of many minds, persons, souls or individuals coexisting within the same physical body. Emphasis is placed on a functional co-relationship with shared responsibility and accountability. The idea is presented as an alternative to other more conventional views about multiplicity in which it is viewed as a disorder, often brought about by psychological trauma. It does not, however, seek to deny that trauma-based multiplicity exists. In fact, the philosophy doesn't exclude the possibility that a multiple system that was born of trauma may learn to cooperate and function in a healthy fashion.

Mental health professionals' opinions vary on whether or not such a healthy co-operative "group of minds" is possible. A relative few believe that it is possible and will help their clients in a kind of "family" therapy. Some doubt that multiple personality exists in any form whatsoever, while others believe that any client who experiences two or more minds has dissociative identity disorder and needs treatment to eliminate all but one personality.

According to anecdotal evidence from websites and Internet forums, clients who self-report as being multiple, even if fully cooperative, are sometimes diagnosed with a thought disorder and placed on anti-psychotic medication or hospitalized.”

Friday, January 9, 2015

What is The Vampire Community? by Amy Mah Vampire

What is The Vampire Community?

by Amy Mah Vampire

What is the Vampire Community?

When not hanging from the ceiling or pointing out errors in the way people think of vampires and what they do, I so do not sparkle! no things like taking a bath in the blood of teenage virgins is like so medieval and like how do you locate the bath liquid? What teenage guy would ever admit to being a virgin? ..........Besides it is a waste of good food.

And before anyone goes on about swimming in pools of human blood virgin or not, just think about what you will have to do with the empties ………. About 549,000 bodies

Ok so not a fully accurate number as it will depend upon size of the person, plus pool size but even with a small pool heck at best you can get three empty bodies in the trunk of a car.

Method: 50m length 25m width 2m depth 50x25x2=2,500 so 4385964.912 pints /8 = 548,245.5 people to kill .............. look it is a guessamate ok ! after the first 100,000 your pen and paper are all soaking in blood.

Well now those which have read my words of wisdom of life as a teenage vampire will know that vampires are not human we just look that way so as not to frighten the food.
Hummmm perhaps at this point I should give a health warning ..........well apart from going up to a vampire and saying "Bite Me" no I have been told that people follow what I say and could get hurt ........... yes it is true ! wow so let me make this clear to all those walking bags of blood, do not throw yourself off a mountain trying to turn into a bat ... ......first test it out in the local Mall running at speed flapping your arms and even then wear flat shoes in case you trip.............. Perhaps a cover all statement of "This is dangerous do not try at home without perental supervision"

To know more you will have to read the books but to put it simply you have Vampires and you have Turned Humans unlike a true vampire they are fixed in time and are the best type of indentured servant you could hope for ……… well it helps that they almost worship you as their maker.

But enough about us today we will be dealing with humans and some readers may be surprised that the Vampire community is mostly a human idea.

Now I expect it would be best to produce some kind of family tree, but as I have never found out how to do that in Word so I will just have to list the various factions and let someone else create a tree, bush or forest from it.

Now on writing this I can guarantee I will upset lots and lots human vampire community sub groups so let’s start off…………… and if any walking bags of blood reading this complain too loudly they may find themselves bitten….. ok you have been warned.

Now vampires do not normally talk about which house, clan or Community they may belong to as it is normally nothing to do with humans unless they receive a dinner invite.

So let us now talk about Humans in the “Vampire Community”

You will often see the word “REAL” placed in front of lots of things in the vampire world and I so often think it is an odd word to use when talking about a culture born of a myth, plus if you need to tell people what is real you maybe attracting the wrong people.

The largest part of the human vampire community

Drawings, Paintings Movies and Books on Vampires should mean that Artists and Writers are a very much part of the vampire community as would be those that help create the Movie vampire image, those that Star in the movies will also have honoury membership in the community.

99% of the world would take what they know and believe about vampires from what the see or read.

Come on just think about it where would the vampire myth be without ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker and as for reality to most of the world this is what a VAMPIRE should be ………….. With many books and movies following on we are given all what we need to know about vampires: ………

The Male Vampire

Silver weapons
Well Dressed
Creepy old castles
Servants with strange eating habits

The Female Vampire

High Sex drive
Large number of night dresses
Likes to Hiss a lot
Becomes a lesbian as soon as she is turned


The Vampire experts

Next we get the group of academics or Vampire experts as these vary from those that know the Babylonian name for the vampires first kill of the night (appetizer?)

To those that can tell you which episode Buffy lost her virginity in.


The nutters

A sub group off those that make a study of vampires are not so much experts but Nutters which hang about graveyards in the hope of staking a vampire …………… er lads ……… the food in graveyards has well past its sell by date for vampires, try the subway no one takes any notice of what happens on a tube train.

Werewolf and changeling groups

Werewolf and changeling groups sometime align themselves with vampire groups, as to why all I can guess is a good low cost shared dental plan.


Otherkin those with animal spirits, not sure why lots of these hang about vampire groups but heck why not ……..put down fresh newspaper and make them feel at home……

…mind you the ones which say they have the animal spirit of a Dragon, Cockatrice or Unicorn I think may have lost their way looking to attend a Role-play group.

Otherkin are not to be confused with Furries as those dress up as animals attend cosplay and are said to have some wide parties


*************** Now what else? ***************

Psi Vampires and Energy drinkers

Psi Vampires and Energy drinkers, these due to the feeding off human energy are a new subgroup attached to the vampire name.

In the past you could discover these activities under headings of dangerous occult magic and witchcraft and must have been common in the past as many books have been written on this subject ………Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defence first published in 1930 is still available.

If you don’t like reading then a lead helm as used by magneto in the XMen may be useful.

If you wish to save money then you could wrap your head in tin foil or for more freedom of movement cover the walls in it ………the extra benefit is that your home will have a real cool spaceship look to it.

Personally I would say to be safe remove the head of anyone that looks at you in a funny way ………well it is always best to play it safe.

Blood Drinkers and their donors

Blood Drinkers and their donors ……….. now as a subgroup these can tick a lot of the vampire boxes and so have a place in the vampire community, a nice peaceful lot and as long as they have feed in advance can be invited to any party ………. But unless you wish to cause an argument do not mention renfield syndrome, apart from upsetting them it is not real.

After this perhaps you all know of other sub groups and if you do then you may start to worry that the vampire community will spread to cover most of humanity.


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