Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sex on Face book

Facebook is fun but as a Vampire I prefer FangBook and FangPages as they will keep you up to date with who is biting whom and if they like being bitten!

Is it just me that gets the strange friend requests on Facebook?

THIS IS ALL TRUE !!!!!!!!!!! YES it sounds funny but it is weirdly all true and happened in the past week !!!!!!

The 6ft 6in chap with beard wearing a nice pretty flower patterned frock, the frock look quite nice so I expect it was the full beard that was a bit off putting as everyone knows you should wear twin set and pearls with a full beard. ….. Friend  No …..

The old man with no teeth, ok it he buys some teeth I may say yes next time… but no promises !

OK a friendship request from someone who’s profile photos are all of up right willies, he had 6 photos of upstanding DICKS waving about in the air!!!!!  Again I said NO and banned him asking again, well if he is so interesting in boy bits then he should not be chatting to girls, his grasp on biology is very poor and will get very disappointed on reaching 4th base with a girl.

What about the girl posting a picture of soiled panties on her profile? If the know the picture of a girl with a cucumber stuck somewhere painful, it’s the sameone!

I will show you mine if you will show me yours………. Girls sending you naked pictures of themselves and asking to see pictures of you ……….

This is a con and must be some sort of porn site wanting to show their members pictures of your naked butt …………. The (So Called) Girl sent me two pictures one of her face and the other of her ….. What’s a polite name? …… Ho yes pubic area ………

Perhaps someone should point out that if you have an Asian face you do not have brown curly pubic hair! I do know that fashions change around that part of our anatomy but having your pubes a perm is so not normal.

 And before you ask no I did not send any (Artistic) photos of myself to them!    



  1. Oh my Amy. You do meet some weird ones. Better you then me.

  2. They say a writer makes stuff up but I have no need to, life is so much stranger than I could ever invent ............. it was all true !! ...even the big hairy man in the dress !

    I often think like has it in for me ! It sits there thinking how can we make this girls life interesting.

    The Chinese have a curse and that is .... May You Live In Interesting Times!