Monday, December 13, 2010

Just because I love him why do I have to sleep with him?

Just because I love him why do I have to sleep with him?

Ok so he is nice to cuddle up to but he also snores so loudly it keeps me awake and demands to have most of the bed when sleeping with me, he knows I love him so I am powerless to say no to his demands of how can I put it? ……….. Constant love and affection or he will toss and turn until I give in to him.  

The love of my life is called Tarqin and he is a black hearted blood curdling killer of the night or in other words a cat.

He is a fur-less sort I think Canadian Spinks or such like as to looks? Well think of a plastic bag full of bones, being hairless he likes being dressed up as he gets cold in winter which is why he has decided to sleep with me, love huh! It’s just personal comfort for him and so typical of a male all I am is a warm body to sleep with!

Hairless cats are good as you never have to worry about moulting cat hairs on the bed and he never ever gets flees (no fur no flees).

My Tarqin is very protective and loves to sit on my shoulders and pretends to be a fur-less scarf draped over me.

The only real problem with his love of jumping on me and climbing onto my shoulders is when he does it as I am stepping out of a bath ouchhhhhhh.   

Hi to my fans in Guatemala. And just how the heck did you find me?

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