Thursday, December 2, 2010

Odd things on facebook

I have said before Fangbook is the only place for a vampire girl to go on line and chat, facebook is just too human !


Trying to blend into the human world I joined a couple of weeks ago and I have already told you of the strange friend invites I rejected and given a warning about I will show you mine if you show me yours cons to have pics of your naked butt uploaded to porn sites.


Most people collect friends on facebook but mine gos down as people run away screeming when they find out I am a vampie.


The pictures of dirty underwear have poped up again, how can dirty panties ever be a thing to show off ... Kavitha Kavi ... keeps posting pictures of her in soiled panties Yck!!!! And why post to me yuk yuk yuk !!!


I will not judge on if she raises her tail for fun or money but I do know it is a far better protection than silver crosses, holy water and garlic on keeping this vampire from ever bitting her!

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