Friday, December 24, 2010

Surprised while on my bed

Surprised while on my bed

My best-ee friend ‘ICE’ dropped by today took one look at me trying to hide my block of wood and burst into such a fit of giggles that I thought she was going to wet herself, not that I care about her personal hygiene, but she only has one place to sit in my room and that is on my bed sooooooo I rather think I do have a say in this hygiene matter ok.

(Ice is not her real name but it is what we all call her as she is very, very pale, not albino as she has blue eyes but her hair is white and she likes to wear white with a touch of blue so the sort of friend that if she had been fat we would call her glacier, or if tall and thin then it would be icicle, but no she is fantastic looking and so if she wasn’t my only real friend here in the nest I would hate her on sight, but that I think is normal, isn’t it? Ho yes Ice is also Max’s Sister.)

Anyway back to her visit and her storming into my bedroom, ………..

No of course no one ever knocks! And it is like sleeping in a corridor by the number of people use my bedroom a short cut! Yes I have complained about lack of privacy and all I got from my Aunt was ………… if a girl is doing anything she does not want others seeing then she shouldn’t be doing it. …….. Huh………

So Ice had been shopping and stopped by to give a fashion show on what she has planed for the party this weekend …….

Er … the block of wood is what I play piano on, U know I use it to exercise my claws and build up finger and toe strength by laying on my back and clawing it with all 4 sets of claws … NO!  It’s not odd! Just how do U think we vampires keep sharp claws? A pact with the devil or such like! Don’t be so stupid! It is all hard work like everything else and practise clawing at lumps of wood is the best way to do it! U should see what I do with my Fangs … er well no perhaps not.

Back to the laughter, apparently Ice was giggling so much at my efforts to hide the blocks of wood under the bed was due to the wording my Aunt had used when sending her up to my room like who would ever say something so stupid as :….

“Yes go on up to her room Ice, All Amy is doing is just lying on her bed playing with herself!”

So that was the reason for the laughter. Ha, ha, yes very funny, I don’t think !!!!!

Now if I said something like that my Aunt would have me in front of the ruling council and I would be flogged or de-fanged, is this fair? No it is not!

Ho yes Ice’s new dress looks like just wowwwww, she has gone for her usual colours which on her is always gorgeous and of course it fits in all the right places to show off her perfect shape which just makes me my usual color of green as I know on me it will just like it is draped over an ironing board!

P.S. the little pic advert from Amazon at the top left of this page is of my book coming out in 2011, FANGS RULE a girls guide to being a vampire


  1. Amy, you are so funny. You must come visit sometime.

  2. Lov to, as long as Ur neighbours don't chase me with wooden stakes 1