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Angel the series Review number 7 Vampire Awareness Month VAM07

Angel the series Review number 7 Vampire Awareness Month VAM07
Ribbons of color band across the sky’s canvas painting a harmonic chorus that only Mother Nature could divine. Yet not all that walk the earth get to witness such glory. When night falls the organizational chart of predator and prey is reorganized.

The night lit only by the rays of fullest moon; frames shadows that conceal unimaginable foes. The undead walk the earth at night in search of control and sustenance in the form of blood.  People are no longer the highest threat unless they are aiding the evil that threatens to overcome Los Angeles in this dark broody series.
In the midst of the horror hidden beneath the noses of the unsuspecting is a single vampire seeking to make a change. Cursed with a soul by gypsies as a punishment for killing one of them, Angel travels a course seeking atonement from the sordid ways of his past. The demons that he battles are not only the ones he encounters but also from the depths of his being; for having a soul is in direct conflict with the true nature of his being. He is Angel – the vampire with a soul.

Angel forms Angel Investigations and walks his path of redemption as a private investigator helping people with their supernatural problems. As with any good investigator he is supported by a team of human and part human associates while battling the byproducts of law firm of Wolfram & Hart – an advocate of evil.

The concept of Angel was a dark and broody man in the middle. Good versus evil with Angel in the middle. Having played on both teams, Angel struggle is to maintain the person he wants to be. The series spanned five seasons and 111 episodes with David Boreanz playing the title character.  Boreanz captured the emotionally ruptured characteristics of Angel. The often stoic face with pain lurking just behind the windows of the soul would become the face of Angel the vampire many came to know and love. While the character didn’t smile often, when he did it was a soft genuine alluring smile that appealed to many, but perhaps that’s how it started as he wasn’t always Angel.

The short backdraft is that Angel was born Liam in Ireland and was a purely evil vampire. As he ate and ravaged his way through Europe he was known as the devil with the angel’s face – after all he was a very attractive man and exceedingly so as a vampire. After receiving his soul Angel became a changed vampire even falling love with the vampire slayer Buffy. He would leave Buffy to continue his redemptive path in LA after realizing their love could never really be.
Angel was a successful spin-off series that brought a darker more tenacious storyline to the screen.

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