Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Walk of Shame and where are my panties?

Walk of Shame (or er where’s my panties?)

Now that the Party season is on us I thought I would do something seasonal

Ok ….I have only recently understood what camel toe means and now I just found out about the girl walk of shame, look yes I have been to University but I was one of the boring ones that studied.

Well yes maybe not all the time but having an Asian upbringing meant that you feared a thing far more dangerous than date Rape or being murdered and that was having some Aunt seeing you out walking home at in your party clothes and smudged makeup.

Look you can only be murdered once ! With a suspicious Aunt the only way you could get away with it is if you could provide her with doctors certificate proving your virginity  …………. As I said you can only be murdered once.

Anyway I have found these lovely little vids on Youtube and well I think they are funny

Walk of shame

Amp Commercial - Walk of No Shame

Walk of Shame Anthem

For all Harry Potter fans !

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