Friday, April 6, 2012

Sex dogie style with a werewolf ....NO WAY!

Dating a Werewolf? Forget it! OK I may sound a little specie-ist what with being a vampire and all and we are always told off for putting Werewolves down (Good Idea) but some talk goes around that it would be cool to date one of these fire rugs, well forget it.

  1. OK so they would enjoy long romantic walks. +

  1. Sex, they will be the only ones howling with pleasure -

  1. You would have to give him a worming tablet before you kissed him –

  1. At the end of a date he would not want to kiss you but hump your leg! -

  1. Getting real close means sharing not only a fresh kill but also his flies and lice -

  1. He will have a criminal record for being arrested for public displays of nudity, when Weres un-were they no longer have a fur coat. -

  1.  As to sleeping with him males are bad when they are just eating biscuits in bed (crumbs yuk!) he will leave half a deer dripping over your best black silk sheets. -

  1. He will also moult so it you have any dust allergies you will discover the only thing he will excite you to do is sneeze!  -

  1. So when the next werewolf you meet asked do you have any werewolf in you and when you say no he then says would you like some and gives a large grin …. BITE HIM !

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