Monday, July 30, 2012

Nipple count in horror movies

Nipple count in horror movies

Hi folks as your normal girl next door type pf vampire I have normal likings and that means horror movies but the ones I have recently viewed are how can I put it in a polite way?

…………… Crap ……………..

Just viewed one called  “The Beyond” and I gave up on the plot as I could not find it, perhaps the directors could do a printed program with it explaining what is going on like they do with opera.

It started badly with the idea of prophesises being written down in the book of Eiban 4000 years ago …………. What ? and in what language would that be ?

And like with how many translations along the way ………ye gods have they not heard of Chinese whispers after a few translations it could have once been a recipe for chicken soup and now talks of the 7 entrances to Hell and all in the USA.

4000 years is like before hell existed if you don’t believe me read the holy books as they can put a date on it.  

The next movie to cross my eyes was “Cowboys and Zombies” and it was one of the nipple count type horror films and if anyone is interested the number is 2 per girl.

The Plot?  Ok ……..

Im going to sell you so take your top off.

Your top is dirty so take it off.

You are alone in the woods so take your
top off.

You are covered in green blood so take your top off.

Look there is a zombie so take your top off.

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