Saturday, August 4, 2012

Toe sucking and talking dirty

Toe sucking and talking dirty

This is what I get on Facebook very exciting
sex convos er?

This is the full conversation and I have removed Kamlesh’s last name to save him embarrassment

·                                 you r girl and like to be friend witi you

·                                 heheheheheh just because I am female?

·                                 ya:-)
·                                 sex parties mean?
·                                 you will have to use goggle to translate

·         i love sex:-)

A girlfriend tell me this is normal on facebook, it is?

Some guy wants to be my friend because I am female?
That’s it nothing more?

As I have boobies I must be in need of a friend? Look ½ the world is female look leave the computer and go take a walk outside, I am sure lots of people where you live own a pair of boobies.

As an owner the excitement and novelties of having boobies has kind of worn of over the years, and I am sure without the benefits of a wonderbra they would not be even be noticed.

Yes its true guys are turned on by a wonderbra rather than what it contains and that is basically a mobile buffet for babies.     

So apart from guys wanting to talk to me because I am female, what else has been happening this week?

Well I had my toes sucked ………….sigh

Like wowwwwwwwwwww and so nice ………ok it would have been nicer if it was a guy doing it but heck I should not be fussy.

No I had it done by fish !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes fish !!!!!!!!!!

A new type of foot spa has hit town and what they do is a foot treatment using live fish, they call them Turkish fish and what they do is eat dead skin and so you sit by a pool and stick your feet in and ……………and ………………and

Well I screamed !!!!!!!!!!!  by the gods did it tickle !!!!!!!!!!!

Hundreds of little fish licking ones feet ……….. it tickled no I should say it   ##’”~~# !!!!! TICKLED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK OK so afterwards my feet felt super soft and it was like walking on air ………….. but someone should have worn me about the tickling

Turkish Fish Eat My Dead Skin

Fish Spa - They bite - We giggle

Look forget the fish and go buy my new novel

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