Sunday, October 14, 2012

And I thought I lived in a fantasy world !

And I thought I lived in a fantasy world !

You just must look at this!

Please Move The Deer Crossing

I worry I really do just how can I write fantasy novels when this is the norm I am going to be selling to!

To day I discovered that a sex site is following my tweets ! like why? 

And as to Facebook the strange stuff I get .....Like yesterday some guy I don't know asks to be my friend then explains in graphic details what he would like to do he we could meet up ........and as to the details I expect he must be a medical student........ I mean it is not sexy if I have to start to look words up in a medical dictionary ..........

What happened? well nothing as I just ignored him so then he asks ........

.....are you a girl? 

...Er now he asks ........... like should he not have asked that before the Gynaecological one way conversation?

I take a look about and think yes the whole world is a little crazy and me writing about living my life as a teenage vampire must be the sanest person about 

That reminds me Buy my book !

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