Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Come die for me!!!

        Come die for me!!!

Looking at the trees and I see that Fall is now with us and it will be getting cold ..............

So I am starting to drool over the adverts on real fur coats and what little rodents that can die to keep me warm

To make a coat
chinchillas: more than 100 ( they are so small)
12-15 lynx
10-15 wolves or coyotes
15-20 foxes
60-80 minks
27-30 racoons
10-12 beavers
60-100 squirrels

ok ok so I am not that mean no lynx or wolves, and foxes are cute
but Minks are horrid and squirrels are just tree rats
Perhaps I should say it is for religious reasons you can kill someone for drawing a cartoon so who can say GOD did not say that I should not have 80 minks die for the glory of gods plan to keep me warm this winter

If that fails I can always give them a pack of crayons and tell everyone they were drawing a pic of Mohammed so had to die anyway.

See religions can be useful at times
…………. Er ……….
Not Logical but useful for killing things

And it is all your fault readers!

If you buy more books then I could turn the heating on so that’s it you are causing the death of all these creatures not me

I don’t know how you can live with yourselves

Buy a book now !

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