Friday, October 5, 2012

Inside Out by Rowyn Ashby

Dying is easy. Returning as your lover’s enemy is hell.

Inside Out

When refined cellist Olivia Hart decides she needs more sexual confidence in her marriage, she crosses the River Thames to gritty South London and steps into Hunter Orlando’s tattoo parlor. The sexy female tattoo artist seems to be everything Olivia isn’t—wild, decadent, free—so Olivia lets her pick an old tattoo design sure to make her feel more daring. But when Hunter's gang-leader boyfriend recognizes Olivia as the wife of rich banker Shane Hart, he decides she’s worth far more than the price of a little ink.

When Olivia is kidnapped and killed during the rescue attempt, Shane Hart loses everything. But after six months of wasting away, his senses are strangely awakened by the sexy biker chick, Hunter Orlando, whom the police believe to be responsible for Olivia’s kidnapping and death. Hunter is too aggressive and wild for him, but there's something about her, and it's not just the “magic” tattoo she and his wife Olivia have in common.

After Olivia finds herself alive—in Hunter’s body—she’s hurt to see her husband so interested in another woman after only six months. But she can’t help loving the way Shane makes her blood boil, the way she responds to him now in bed, and the way his lovemaking has gone from sweet and gentle to raw and primal and uninhibited…

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