Saturday, December 8, 2012

the Unfading Heiress (Soul Switch Trilogy) Walter Dinjos

"In a land where death transcends time and space, a Ghostly War is being raged 
against the living.  King Eldorman has the power to end this war, but he wants 
justice for his beautiful murdered daughter Arengel.

However, Arengel's destiny lies once again with the living, when she falls in 
love with Adel, a lowly Earmburgian.  Finally the prophecy of The Man With The 
Red Aureole will come to pass, but Arengel needs an earthly body to fulfill it.

The journey that Adel must take to help Arengel will not only test his strengths 
to the limit but also that of his close friendship with Jeofren, a fellow 
Earmburgian.  It is a race against time through dark and magical landscapes, and 
even when the task seems fruitless, Adel must see it through to the end.

The Unfading Heiress is ultimately a story of ghostly love, human greed, 
friendship and honour set amid a raging war between the realm of the living and 
the realm of the dead."


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