Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nazis At The Center of the Earth Official Trailer (2012)

Nazis At The Center of the Earth (2012) 

Did this come from a book? if it did then it is a book that I will never read.

First, not only are there Nazis underground in a tropical

Antarctica but somehow Hitler is one of them 

-- still alive and now similar to the Hitler

robot of Wolfenstein. look out for the Lazar beams

I so have to do a review of this film ......................

 Mostly to warn people IT IS CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the reaction from one of those in the movie when they

 see how their action career has now gone down the drain.

Have tits anything to do with the plot? 

no but they have 

added them in anyway I expect some boobs have to go in for

 the high school guys to droll over  

Yes even the machines have boobs and nipples !!!!!!!!

I must have seen worse movies but I cant remember when.

bad points:

1940s aircraft that can fly from Germany to Antarctica




the actors

flying saucers 

a tropical world under Antarctica

footprints in a blizzard that do not get blow away.

machines with boobs and nipples (see above)

stereotype Germans that should have Germany banning the 


good points

hopefully all copies will be buried under Antarctica  

A self help guide by Amy Mah (Vampire) for teenage vampire girls, the guide is fully illustrated by manga Artist Heby and is written in an easy to follow A - Z format explaining everything a teenage vampire girl would need to know about living life as a modern Vampire. What is fashionable to wear when eating out? Fang maintenance & how to keep your claws sharp. Should you let a boy bite you on the first date? Easy to understand clear advice is given to every day problems Example: When you get an urge to bite: We all get those normal urges to bite things, and I must point out it is very normal, Claws are all well and good in a fight but a bite gives the extra advantage of getting a refreshing drink at the same time. Lots of girls worry about showing their Fangs in public believing that to show your fangs is rude, but don't be shy they can be a girls greatest asset (ok second greatest asset) if a boy is being rude to you, don't just snarl at him, just bite him! You are a vampire why do you think you have sharp teeth if not for sinking them into a boy that is being rude to you.

Today's world is difficult for everyone, especially teenagers. They face the stresses of school, deciding whom to date, and the biggie of sex, just to name a few. Imagine all of those things ten times worse, and you might get an idea of what it's like being a living, breathing teenage vampire. At last, the world can read about the life of a girl with good teeth, her problems with strong sunlight that gave her spots, and the sunblock that made her hair go yucky and produced more spots. Yes, sunlight was dangerous, as she could be the first teenager in history to die from terminal acne! In her everyday life, older vampires expected her to walk about at night in the traditional female uniform, a see-through, 18th-century nightdress, without undies! Well, this female vampire knew why the cold winds blowing along the corridors were called, "male winds," so she wore her see-through nightdress over jeans and a very thick jumper. To be sure that people would still know she was a vampire, the jumper had a very large, pink bat on it. And as to guys, well, it was normal for a girl to dream about guys; she just wished the dreams could have involved chocolates and holding hands, not leaping out at someone, ripping off his shirt, and demanding to know what blood type he was (at least not on the first date).


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