Saturday, May 25, 2013

La Cala by N. Wood

La Cala

N. Wood


With the flashing of the lights and the sweat dripping into my eyes from my brow, I ended up walking straight into someone and his beer spilled from his glass, showering us both.
“I’m sorry,” I called out over the volume of the music, but he didn’t seem to hear it.
I turned so that the lights were not so blinding in my eyes and caught my first glimpse of him. He was shorter than me by a couple of inches, maybe just below six foot in height. The beer had drenched him more than it had me and he was tugging the soaked fabric from his chest, clenching his fist to wring the liquid from his shirt.
The first thing I noticed was that he was wearing similar pyjamas to me, but with blue stripes. Then my attention became drawn to his fist as it squeezed the beer out of the fabric. Along his knuckles were black letters and I had to squint to read them. ‘Mack’—well, that was more original than ‘Love, Hate’.
He lifted his head and the flashing lights reflected in his eyes. I couldn’t make out the true colour of them, but the dazzling lights made them appear green, then blue, then pink, then a golden yellow. I swallowed the dryness that had appeared in my throat when his eyes had met mine. It was a bit like that love at first sight shit, only I didn’t believe in that. The beer soaked guy in front of me was by all means hot! Even my cock was perking up to agree with my brain.
“I’m sorry!” I called again over the music, in case he hadn’t heard me the first time.
I dropped my gaze to his soaked chest and…fuck me! The fabric was practically see through and I was definitely seeing a nipple ring on the left side. On the right there seemed to be more body art, a tattoo of some kind. As my cock strained to take a look too, I snapped my eyes back up to meet his as he turned with a shake of his head and walked away, aiming back towards the bar.
Please, God, let him be single.


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