Friday, July 19, 2013

Showing your panties off to guys

Showing your panties off to guys

Japanese humour is all about embarrassment due to they type of culture they have.

Western guys like it for the girls in short school uniform skirts which soon becomes a disappointment if they see the real thing as any guy looking at the real uniform will discover the skirts and dresses in real life are quite long and you would need to lay on the floor and look up to see panties.

Can you see Japanese girls panties?  Yes of course you can but mostly when the normal school girls dress up as manga school girls and show them off on purpose …………lol
The anime has a lot of male humour and yes humour can be gender based

So a question why do guys like to dream of turning into a school girl? put m2f manga into youtube and you will see what I mean.
Guys get all excited over the idea of being a school girl!

Male to female manga and anime is in the 1,000s but you try and find Female to male manga f2m and see what happens ……..very little.

So to my male readers ……….why? yes please tell me why do guys dream of having boobs and a camel toe unless you are into other guys

Believe me being a teenage girl is not fun if you are female let alone if you are male.

But a guy turning into a girl must mean lots of guys fantasize about it or it would not be so popular  .........so tell me guys why would this be a turn on?

The next thing one sees is Guys dressing as girls to go to high school ……
….. yes also a lot of manga and anime on that type of thing ……
….. so much that from the anime one would expect half the pupils in a all girl school must be transvestites.

And unless the guy is under 10 it can be noticed ……….

I am not saying it is not possible but heck it would be hard work …………. Well it may be worth it if as a guy you were into other guys …………. And well if you were not to start with I can bet you would be after spending time with a bunch of catty back biting hormonal unbalanced teenage girls …………

….. Yes guys if you dress up and get into girl society you will soon want to start dating guys ….heheheheh

So in anime you get the story line of a 16 year old guy having to pretend to be a girl in a all girl high school ………….

Yes I am happy with the talking cats and people having wings and tails ………. The magic is also fine with me  but …… yes here is the but …….

And a 16 year old guy’s one eyed trouser snake is not going to stay hidden for long in a short skirt unless he uses a lot of duct tape ………….. So lots of duct tape and a padded bra is all you need?
Ho boy will he soon discover the gender differences are not just with or without owning a dick.

And lets not look into what would happen with swimming and games or even changing rooms.

As I said I am very happy with talking cats but guys getting away with pretending to be a girl  ………………… yes gods think about it we even shave in different places …lol


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