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Vampire: By Amy Mah offers exactly what I was looking for in a Vampire novel.

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My first book review is a real treat. A refresher in a genre that quite frankly until this point had become stale for me. A genre filled with Stoker wannabe's and bedazzled bejeweled pedophilia driven playboys. In essence there was nothing original and clever enough to satisfy me. While I am aware this makes me sound arrogant I have a peculiar taste in what I am looking for when I read something and if arrogance is the price of enjoyment...and arrogance is the price of enjoying this book that I have the great honor of reviewing for you today, than I will gladly be claiming the title of Arrogance.

Well now that explanations are done with...not that I need to explain myself to any of you...ha arrogance get it? Alright all jokes aside. The book I am reviewing today is:

Vampire: By Amy Mah offers exactly what I was looking for in a Vampire novel. She creates a vampire society that lives just out of sight of humans but close enough to get a midnight snack...or take out if they feel like staying home! The story takes place around the life of Amy Mah a typical teenage girl in every way except for instead of painting her nails and worrying about shoes she polishes her Fangs and sharpens her claws both hand and foot! 

That of course does not sound typical at all but for Amy it is. Our teenage Vampire soon finds herself swept up in a world of social intrigue and ancient hierarchy as she enters the hidden world of the Vampires. Adopted by her "Uncle" and "Aunt" Pinkbat, Amelia becomes one of the clan and quickly finds she needs to grow up fast and catch up on the rules of being a Vampire if she is to survive long in a cut throat society filled with political feuds and clan territorial disputes. Being a Vampire is not as Romantic as Hollywood makes it out to be!

Amy has a writing style that is refreshing and well thought out. She handles the romance tastefully and you can tell the character is an extension of the author herself. The illustrated version is a real treat because you get to see, obviously, illustrations of the characters done by the talented Heby Sim. This adds a significant value to the book.

I suggest that everyone read this book. Give it a try because there will be more coming from this EXTREMELY talented author.

About the Author:
Amy Mah is a talented blogger and author who is both clever and snarky. More information can be found about her by following this link to her page Amy Mah Vampire

More from the Author: Because I absolutely know you will want to get more from Amy after you read this.

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