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The Sins of Abaddon Book One of the ‘Nikki the Vampire’ Series

The Sins of Abaddon
Book One of the ‘Nikki the Vampire’ Series

By Olivia Cross

Copyright 2014 Olivia Cross.

Kindle Edition

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I've had a fascination with fantasy, action and the supernatural since I was a little girl. I remember that the first scene that really took my imagination was where Batman in the Batman cartoon defeated a pair of Poison Ivy's henchgirls. I seriously just gasped as this tall, powerful man bound their frail wrists and stood over them triumphant. It just triggered something in me. I started to have what I call 'villainess' fantasies where the good guy triumphs over me in the story. I've started getting fascinated with the whole vampire genre, the idea that a vampiress is not human, she's just an evil, undead thing to be vanquished. It doesn't matter that she's beautiful, she's evil and she must be vanquished. (shiver) So I've learned to write my fantasies and I've found many others who enjoyed reading them.

By Olivia Cross

Blurb: Nikki Anelise was just your average 21 year old Santa Monica girl until she met the enigmatic Lord Karstens. 

A simple trip to a local club leads to humiliation, lesbian sex and three pretty rough sexual encounters with powerful, supernatural men. 

Will Nikki be able to find her way in this strange and brutal supernatural world?

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and Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/447747

Chapter One:  The Sins of Abaddon

Hi, my name is Nicollette Anelise but my friends call me Nikki.  I guess I should start my story where it all really began; when I first stepped into a popular club known for its glitz, glamour and celebrity appearances.  A club that I would later discover had been turned to a dark purpose: The Monastery.
The Monastery was a dizzying explosion of sights and sounds.  Dark and filled with the undulating bodies of intoxicated youth, the atmosphere was a contagious mix of excitement, eroticism and inebriation.  Jessica and I looked each other over.  My best friend was her usual five feet, nine inches of Asian bombshell.  She was a beautiful mix of knock-out Vietnamese good looks poured into a Viking goddess, Midwestern frame.  Her glittery, emerald green dress sucked against her body like she had been shrink-wrapped into it; It did very little to hide her prominent, D-Cup breasts or her mile long legs.  She was returning the favor and I could see her eyes scan my slender, five foot seven inch frame.   I have something of a striking, almost theatrical look with alabaster, white skin and raven, black hair.  I was suddenly aware that my blingy, crimson dress was riding a bit too high up my thighs and yanked on the hemline.  Jessica slapped my hand, grabbed me by the arm and led me to the bar. 
“You need a drink Nikster!” Jessica laughed. “I insist!”  The urban melodies blasted relentlessly at our bodies like phantom bodies of sound.  We found ourselves moving helplessly with the rhythms.  The bar played out like the bastard child of a video game and an LSD trip.  Neon tubes and LCD screens lit up the rows of liquor bottles lining the walls and the glasses, themselves let off a dim, electronic glow.
“What’re you having?” a tall, crazily coiffed server dropped glowing glasses in front of us.  “Let me guess, Cosmos?”  He flashed a toothy smile at Jessica.
“White wine spritzer,” I ordered, failing  to break Jessica’s hypnotic hold of the attractive, blond.
“Sex on the beach,” Jessica flirted and leaned over to display more of her amazing cleavage.
“Right away…”  The bartender fished for the bombshell’s name..
“Jessica,” my friend politely introduced herself… an inch away from the man’s lips.
“…and a white wine spritzer please!” I interjected. 
“Yes, of course,” the bartender broke away from Jessica’s fabulous rack, grabbed some bottles and began pouring.
“Oh great, another night where I get to watch guys fall all over you while I manage the wingman!” I rolled my eyes and took a sip.
“Relax Nikki,” Jess hugged me from the side.  “Men are flies and you brought the honey!”   My friend swirled her glass predatorily and scanned the crowd like a wolf assessing a colony of rabbits.
Oh no, here it starts.  A large Latino stepped up into Jessica’s man orbit and foolishly flashed a smile.  I squirmed in my seat and prepared to watch the verbal dance.  He invades her personal space.  He breaks the ice with a charming joke while retaining eye contact.  Jessica giggles.  I knew it.  This night would be typical of our outings.  Tomorrow my friend would weave a story of drunken love making and regrets while I pretended to be happy for her. 
Wait, what’s that?  I watched as my friend’s expression broke.  Her eyes were wide and locked onto something in the crowd.  Was that awe?  I turned swiftly and my eyes instantly caught what Jessica had seen. He was tall and powerfully built emanating a sort of dark authority that only Satan himself should command.  I could only stare at his topaz, blue eyes and midnight black hair.  He wore a tailored Italian suit easily worth more than my life and everything I owned.   Jessica wasn’t even feigning interest in the man talking to her and was slowly edging away.  Like a shark through herring, the dark figure strode effortlessly through the crowd and disappeared.  Without a word to her suitor, Jess grabbed my arm and dragged me along like a poorly hitched trailer. 
“Jess, oh my God, he’s probably married or dating a supermodel,” I plead with my amazonian friend but I could tell that her mind was completely locked down.  All I could do was follow the swaying hips of my Asian comrade to her intended prey.    
“Excuse me.  Excuse me,” roughly Jessica pushed her way through the dance floor while I took on the role of rear-apologizer.  Luckily my friend’s beauty and size afforded her a lot of slack and with the exception of some quick gropes we made it unmolested to a rear, windowless enclave.
“What is this place?”  I was looking down into a beautiful, crystal adorned room adjoined by an ornate, glass staircase.   I could hear water splashing across rocks and a slower, more macabre melody wafting from inside.  Two muscular guards and a golden chain were all that separated us from what must be a VIP suite.  Jess didn’t even hesitate.  
“Sorry I’m late!” Jessica tried to reach for the chain but a guard had her wrist.
“Name?” commanded the taciturn guard.
“Jessica Hyoung and this is Nikki Anelise.  Could you please just let us through; we’re already late for the party!” Jessica bluffed.
The other guard scanned the list and shook his head.
“Sorry ma’am, you’re not on the list,” the man growled.
“I’m on every list!“ Jessica stepped up to the monolith of a guard and pushed her body against his.  “Now… would you really want your employer to find out that he missed out on… me?”  My friend flashed her beautiful, amber eyes and ran her hand down his chest.
Impassively the guards glanced at each other and nodded.  One man mumbled into his mic.  Jess looked back at me and we exchanged shrugs.  It wasn’t long before an odd, small man had clambered up the stairs and was sizing us up.  Excitedly he motioned and whispered behind him.  A striking brunette and a pretty redhead hurried up the stairs resplendent in colorful, ornate costumes that could only be described as a hybrid of Victoria’s Secret and Victorian Era London.  The larger guard gingerly removed the chain and motioned for us to enter.
 “Miss Hyoung, Miss Anelise; I am Raphael.  Please… this way,” we eagerly accepted and followed the bald, gnomish man down the stairs  “Lord Karstens has very generously extended an invitation for you both to enter his very exclusive club, ‘Abaddon.’.”  The strangely dressed girls followed us down the stairs giggling to each other. “This is Stephania,” Raphael gestured at the small brunette who bowed her head politely, “and this is Esmeralda.” The redhead also bowed.  “They will prepare you for the soiree.” The girls giggled and followed closely behind us.  I glanced into the main room as I walked by.  It was a strange, aristocratic nightmare; dimly lit with pale, colored lights playing across a scene of excess and insanity.  Beautiful, elaborately costumed girls served formless shapes that hid in the darkness.   Water splashed down the rear wall and crashed against a stand of rocks and plants.  Lights danced crazily across the display, shifting colors with the music.  For a moment I was sure I could see the mysterious Karstens watching us as we walked by.
“Girls, girls,” Raphael clapped. “You’ll have plenty of time to gawk once you’ve been introduced.”

“Introduced?” we replied in unison.  Instead of answering, Raphael lead us into an ostentatious bath house populated with ferns, exotic potted trees and a small, artfully crafted stream.  Two nude girls were playfully splashing each other in a bath just a few yards away.  My senses were reeling at what was happening.  It was so fast.  Where was I?  What was about to happen to us?  I felt like a princess, an heiress, maybe I was dreaming.  I looked at my friend and I could see the same awed, yet skeptical look in her eyes.  A violin sonata accompanied Raphael as he presented the rules.....................................

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