Friday, July 18, 2014

The Forever Show

“You may kill one. In any given town, you need no more than one.”
In Mayfield, Delaware, the carnival is in town. Seventeen-year-old Lexi Cartwright, daughter of the local deputy sheriff and leading lady of her high school drama club, expects nothing more from her weekend than a few hours of fun, and perhaps a kiss from Eddie Ross. But for Lexi, and for the rest of the 11th Hour Players, the real monsters aren’t in the Pavilion of the Unusuals, and the real terror isn’t on the Ferris wheel. It’s lurking in a midnight blue Econoline van with tinted windows, waiting for the sun to die.

Meet the family. Casper’s family—of the Strigoi.

They are the youngest faction of an ancient order of killers that exists secretly, underground, throughout the world. They have been let loose from their sanctuary in Oregon so that they may prove, for a hundred years, their capacity to operate unnoticed and invisibly among the human race. They must learn to kill with discipline, to sew destruction without spectacle. And, this weekend, they must recruit their final member.

On Friday night, they will disobey their orders. They will unleash their full wrath upon Mayfield and its little carnival. They will incur the wrath of the Strigoi Cabal, and they will be eliminated—unless, before the sun rises on Sunday morning, they can turn the incorruptible Lexi Cartwright into one of them.

On Saturday night, Lexi will have to make a choice: die, or kill forever.
Let The Forever Show begin.


Marcus Damanda lives in Woodbridge, Virginia, with his cat Shazam. At various times throughout his life, he wrote for The Dale City Messenger, published editorials in The Potomac News and Free Lance Star, and played bass guitar for the heavy metal garage band, Mother's Day. While not plotting his next foray into fictitious suburban mayhem, he teaches middle school English and spoils his nieces and nephews.

The Forever Show is the first of his novels to be made into an audiobook. Follow the links below to hear a free sample. The reader, Jessica McEvoy, is best known for her work as a voice actress / narrator for the award winning NoSleep Podcast.

It's also available at the iTunes store!

The Forever Show and its sequel, Teeth: The Forever Show Book II, are available in paperback and as Kindle downloads at Amazon.com.

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