Thursday, October 16, 2014

Final Blow

Novella: Final Blow
Series: (Pulp Friction 2014) Whispering Winds – Book 5
Author: Havan Fellows
Publisher: Appleton Publishing Avenue
Genre: Mystery M/M Romance
Rated: Mature content

Mick Rutger is a happy-go-lucky type of guy and he likes it that way. Now that Rowe has finally opened up to him, he has hope for their future together. But when feelings of hatred and rage overrule Mick's happiness, he doesn't know how to cope. Unaccustomed to such hostile emotions, his mind closes off to the outside world in a drastic measure of protection.

Rowen Smithe fought his demons and escaped the darkness, prepared to start living again with Mick, the man who helped free his soul and stole his heart. Unfortunately, the darkness won't be ignored so easily now that it has found a new target.

If Rowen truly loves Mick…if Mick honestly wants Rowen…both men will have to battle the darkness one more time and trust that their sanity won't be lost forever.

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