Monday, October 6, 2014

Rivals in Love

Book: Rivals in Love
Series: Book 2 of Crystal Lake Series
Author: Lisa Phillips
Publisher: Lisa Phillips
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: Mature

Sheriff Ryan Montgomery never wanted to do anything other than serve the people in his small hometown of Crystal Lake, TN. Like his father before him, Ryan puts family and community first. When Special Agent Ava Miller asks he assist in her investigation of a drug lord, who also has ties to elected officials, he doesn't have to think twice. However, given Ava is the reason he has never been able to give his heart to another, much more than an investigation is on the line for him. The last person Ava wants to ask for help is Ryan Montgomery! The cocky, sometimes crass, sheriff has all but ignored her for years. But, when she realizes her own partner at the TBI is involved with the suspect she is investigating, she knows Ryan is the very one to help her bring them both down.


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