Friday, October 31, 2014

Souls of the Never

Souls of the Never 

In Boston, Massachusetts, 24-year-old Katheryne dreamt, all the while knowing that the dreams were killing her. Something wanted into her world, into the world of the mortals, and she was to be the unwilling vessel to let it in.. 

On Sanctuary, a world that lay at the heart of the Never, Derren searches desperately for the face from his dreams. It is the face of a stranger, but one who he seems to have known all his life. 

At the edge of the universe a dormant evil awakens. His slumber is over as the Veil that hides his source of power slowly collapses, allowing magic to trickle back into his malevolent grasp. 

Two friends are closer than brothers. In a world of immortals, they are destined to become their mightiest. 

An evil, thought banished forever, seeks to ensnare an unwitting pawn. 

A perfect world, destined for destruction faces a desperate choice.

Amy Mah 吸血鬼 

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