Thursday, November 27, 2014

Scar The Reaper Series


Do you ever think your life would ever change in a blink of an eye?

It has, only for Kiko who has been brought into the time twisted truth, revealed by the sexy devilish handsome guy named Scar, or what he calls himself, a Soul Reaper. The tales have been telling false rumors about them. Instead, Soul Reapers kill demons inside people to prevent themselves from going insane, murder someone, or fall into the depths of Tartarus when they die.
Now Scar saves Kiko from her near end death, claiming her as his long life weapon for the Gods, and her Soul mate. But being a weapon has not been easy. She has been tested, trained, and taught to save others before they turn into ruins. But she thought wrong about that.
They are clouded with their own problems: Scar, facing a time wrath of collecting 10, 000 demon souls to claim the ruling throne of the Underworld. Kiko, fighting herself to learn about the horrible truth about her true being, her parent’s mysteries and to keep her life stable with her stepbrother, Ken. But surely there isn't another way to escape from Scar’s mysterious predators, hunting her down because of what she is? Will there be love, or will there be great pain to suffer? Find out more.

Author Bio
CC Faye is living in the Philippines. She is a manga artist, a writer and a self-studied baker. When she was six years old, drawing was the main purpose of her life. She self-learned her drawing skills from the internet, and from reading Japanese manga. At the start of high school, she has taken a break from her drawing interest and has begun to practice writing for 3 years. Scar is her first self-published novel.
You can visit her page at: http://ccfayeauthor.blogspot.com/

You can buy this at Amazonhttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q0KG1ES 

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