Monday, January 2, 2017

RUSSIA Controls American Election by Hacking!

RUSSIA Controls American Election by Hacking!

So much talk about did the Russians or the Easter Bunny destroy American democracy?

Is it true that Russia, China or a 10 year old kid in school break hacked Hillary Clintons email showing people her email security is kinda cr#p as her own people hand out the password when asked.

But the worry should be something different and that is the politics being used and to warn the country that no computer system is safe from the evil hordes seeking to destroy the American way of life.   

 Is it true? Who cares, the point is not who did it but the fact someone could do it … if a foreign power did do it then you LIE and tell the public it was a high school kid.

You NEVER EVER tell Americans that a foreign power can bypass American state of the art cyber security! People would be happy that a 10 year old kid could hack the pentagon and start World War Three

But never ever say that some foreign power is better in anyway, let alone have the ability to upset elections by showing stuff politicians want to keep hidden until after they get the power and can ignore any facts for 4 years.

 If truth is the first casualty of war then facts are the unwelcome and shunned guests at any Political Party, one of my fun little quotes.

We all know that Politicians never let facts get in the way of a popular vote gaining policy 

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