Sunday, November 28, 2010

Putting a price on your Butt

Putting a price on your Butt

It is never a good idea to use words you do not understand.

Late at night in a 24/7 shop I saw a human girl do the normal female trick of bending over to show passing males what she has to offer.

They say the reason why fashion has the boobs pushed up to have cleavage is to represent bending over and if that is true we know why red lipstick has always been so fashionable !!  

Any way back to the girl bending over and giving a free show that some guys would pay money for, on her right cheek she had a tattoo which was the Chinese symbol for GOLD ! so now we ask why?

  1. She believes that her Butt is very valuable?
  2. She wants to tell everyone how valuable her Butt is?

So we now come to the conclusion that she is advertising her fantastic rear end as a commodity and asking for offers for it? Fine if you want to start a new career  as a hooker but if not perhaps think what tattoos you have and what they can mean!   

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