Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sex Slave to Personal Maid

Sex Slave to Personal Maid

My Maid ‘BAMBI’ and yes she is a Vampire but only a turnling so a kind of sex pet for the males that got turned into a vampire for services rendered and no I have never asked her what the services were!

Humans turned into vampires are subservient to full bloods like myself and have to obey us so pretty turned girls get to live forever but as maids.

Even Maids have to wear the vampire next uniform which for Females is a Nightdress, Males walk about the place in frockcoat and cloak where as we suffer and have to wear nightdresses ! As to what stupid **** !!! Had the dumb idea that we should look like extras in a 1960’s horror film I have no idea.

The corridors are cold and very draughty with a Male wind (We don’t know where it comes from but we know where it is trying to go!) and so some bright spark of a Male thinks our next uniform should be a flimsy nightdress with no panties!

Well if the Males wants to walk about with no panties and their boy bits waving about they can, the rules only say I have to wear a transparent nightdress not what is underneath so I have on jeans and a jumper under it and along with thick bed socks with little bats on them I can keep quite warm!

Black jeans and a black jumper under a nightdress can look quite cool, or would have if I did not have a large pink bat plastered across my chest! And as the Nightdress is semi transparent everyone thinks I am trying to smuggle a large pink bat to my rooms!!!!!!


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