Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Me in bed wearing my thin pink silk nightdress

Me in Bed !

At last my artist has just finished doing a picture of me lying on my bed and my publisher has sent over a copy and it is ……………  LOVELY  …………….  I am wearing my thin pink silk nightdress and on the bed with me are my pink bat shaped cushions !! the whole drawing is just sooooooooooo cute !!!

You can now see what my bedroom looks like, and why I complain about my Aunts idea of making a cave girlie looking … I mean to say who has ever seen pink stalagmites and steatites before!  Well my bedroom has them!

I think my Aunt has always wanted children I just wish she wouldn’t practise her child raising skills on me!

As I must have said before my Aunt still buys me underwear with small pinks bats on them she says it is an honour to have the bats as it is our family emblem but I am more sure it is her way of protecting my personal honour as she knows I would just die of shame if a boy were to see them.

Hummmmmm …….. Due to those darn small pink bats my boyfriend keeps asking why we only make out in the pitch dark!

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