Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sex Dreams

Sex Dreams

My Aunt says it is normal for a girl my age and nothing to worry about and then she took a look through my movie collection and removed some of the er… more spicy ones.

I am talking about D for dreams in my A to Z of being a female vampire and I still do not think it is not normal waking up in need of a cold shower!

The Dream: I was sitting on a roof getting ready for dinner, but instead of my usual hunting clothes all I was wearing was a thin night dress, I did not feel cold but you could still hang coats off my chest!

I looked over the edge of the roof and below was this boy changing shirts, he had a selection in front of him and was trying one on after another but finding them too small so pulled them off over his head in disgust and dropping them to the floor creating a large pile of discarded shirts.

Next I was standing next to him with a larger shirt that I know would fit him but he insisted I trying on the small ones which did not fit, in the end I grabbed the small shirt off him saying it was mine and handed him the large one, he took it but then he waited expecting me to put on the smaller one, I knew he wouldn’t put the large one on until I tried on the smaller one which I said was mine and I also knew I couldn’t remove my nightdress in front of him to put it on as I was naked under my nightdress.

That’s when I woke up……….

Ok so what was that all about?

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