Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another Cold Day

Another cold day deep in the cave and I still think the idea that males can walk about in full dress suit and cloak while we females have to wear a nightdress with our boobs hanging out and is yet another thing we have to blame Hollywood for this is sexist and should be banned from all future Hollywood horror films!

A Nightdress can look very good and sexy if you have the figure for it; the problem is that with my modest upper body shape It looks like I should have a teddy bear under my arm and a mug of milk and a plate of cookies in my hands as I go to bed ……….

Huh with my looks when wearing the standard so called very sexy vampire night dress, the only person that would find me sexy would be the sort that would be arrested for hanging around schoolyards!!

So it is lots of jumpers and a hot water bottle. This vampire may not look sexy but she will be warm!

P.S. the little pic advert from Amazon at the top left of this page is of my book coming out in 2011, FANGS RULE a girls guide to being a vampire

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