Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Words can even Frighten Vampires!

My Words can even Frighten Vampires!


Now people are always saying to me “You Can’t say that”  er?............ yes I can it is easy I just hit a few keys and they you are ….. WORDS ……..i think what they mean is that I shouldn't say something…
….and my question back is why?

I need to make this clear to people I am not the sort of vampire that sparkles …ok …… I’m the sort that bites………. And I have very sharp teeth.

I have been expecting to be banned by someone or other …………. Well I thought it would be scientologists as they are the only ones I have rearly had a go at ………….. I mean gods from other space that sort of thing went out with the Aztecs …………

But no a vampire group !!!!!!! ……………….. wowwwwwwwww I mean to say I can upset a vampire group with my Facebook chat ?

Vamp Realm June 4 at 1:19pm Report
Hi Amy - we had to remove you as a friend from all our accounts today based on your Fatwa comment. We can't be involved in insulting a faith like that or religion. We wish you well but that was too far for us to be linked to.

I did not remember what I was doing attached to this group I well I don’t want to upset fellow vampires so looked it up

Est in 1984 the Loyalists of the Vampire Realm is the world's largest and oldest organization of its kind with over 250,000 paid members worldwide.

Well I sorry to loose them not that they have sold any of my books with their 250,000 membership and I did not know I could upset vampires with a mention of a Fatwa …………. It is a good job I didn’t tell them I was a blood sucking denizen of the night.

It must be some sort of human organization linked to the vampire world and I have never fully understood the human world …………..

So if you are a vampire member of this group please be careful what you say:

1.   It is fine to kill and drink the blood of virgin teenage girls ……….. hah you try finding a virgin teenager nowadays …….  

2.  Rape and slaughter of innocents is fine if you are a male vampire, if female just stick with the slaughtering ok… or someone will tell your Mom.  

3. Planning to wipe out the whole human race is also ok …….. but mad …..have you ever tasted synthetic blood? Uck!

4. As to nighttime entertainment of having a competition for who can rip the most heads off humans, well that is silly in any case as they never have more than one head each and there is a limit to how many copses you can use as door draft excluders …………….

5. So really you can do most things in a nasty bloody way with plenty of gratuitous violence so long as you don’t use the word Fatwa ……………… after all we vampires are such nice a creatures

My Disclaimer
My Disclaimer On Facebook but it covers my blogs as well …. If you are offended by reading something then all I can say is that it is you that is doing the reading ….like you can stop…..
If any of my remarks or blogs causes offence then this is due not to me but you having me on your friend list, or my you reading my words, if you are not offended now but fear you may be in the future please take proactive action now and remove your link to me, or just stop reading. 

Removal from you friends list will be the best way to stop receiving my blogs, comments, and communication be it via message, chat or wall, failure to remove me as a link will be taken as permission to contact you by the above means and point out the world as I see it. 

From my blogs and wall talk it will be obvious that I discuss politics, human behaviour, social drugs and current mythology. 
If you do not heed this warning to remove me after this warning and are offended then I will take it that you wish to be offended. 
Amy Mah

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