Sunday, January 8, 2012

blood drinking denizens of the night are not nice

People said that when i was 16 I would grow out of being so cynical and sarcastic ..er................ like how long were they thinking of? Like when I was 16 I thought it was just how I saw the world but no it is how the world is….. it could be that I have got worse .....or perhaps the world has just got more stupid

I am not in the mood for human stupidity at the best of times, and the best of times do not happen all that often

Someone just messaged me asking why I broadcast the name, link, address and birthday of an idiot that gave a review to a book that has not even been written yet.

Why? Well………….. mostly because I did not have the phone number and his bank details, I do try and make it easy for people to find him.

If I see something I think is stupid I will point it out and let others decide if it is stupid or not, not just with this but with anything I see in life, ridicule and public scorn is so needed today and we need far more of it, hopefully if we can get people to think more and try t be less stupid then perhaps we can stop them from killing in a gods name, if they wish to kill someone kill them in your own name and take the credit or blame for it.

Stupidity can start small and build to an overwhelming stupidity which can border on the verge of a mass form of evil as seen in several types of religions.  

So to the world in general I say if you stop doing stupid stuff then I will not blog about it …………………… hell form the way things are going with the so called intelligent human race I expect I will have a few more blogs to do.

I blog and write as a sarcastic and cynical teenage vampire, and my followers do expect me to bite as I’m known for my blogs on race, religion, politics and the stupidity of the human race in general.

It is different commenting on a bad review to pointing out stupidity.

One reviewer I remember saying my vampires were not nice and did not even try to give up drinking human blood.

Ok it’s a comment an odd one but at least the person read the book, did I suggest to her that she should read more than just twilight vampires?.......... No I did not! …. People are entitled to their opinions.

What I did do was say nothing but I did add to my publicity that my vampires are blood drinking denizens of the night and not nice at all, just in case people are under the impression that I mine are the vegetarian kind.  

Daria- A Little Knowledge

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