Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rare Lost Photographs and Journals of Captain Scott's First Antarctic Expedition


A truly astounding book revealing Captain Scott's first expedition, containing many rare and never seen before pictures.


Diary and Photographs from Reginald Skelton Chief Engineer and Official Photographer To Captain Scott's Discovery Expedition

There is a freshness in this account, written by a young man describing events even as they take place, as he experiences them without knowing what is to follow, which is lost in any retrospective telling of the tale.

Through the publication of this book I hope many other people, who would not otherwise have the opportunity to read the original journals, will be able to share the pleasure of vicarious participation in the Expedition. There is another purpose in bringing this book to the public. Skelton, whose name is by no means universally known, was, nevertheless, an important member of the Expedition and many books about Discovery include quotations from his journals.

Since becoming familiar with the journals, I have found out that not all these passages are faithfully reproduced. I am aware of at least two supposedly scholarly books which contain misquotations from Skelton's journals. Whereas innocent mistakes can be made in interpreting hand-written documents, the distortion in some instances is of an order which suggests deliberate misrepresentation. The present book gives all serious students of the history of Antarctic exploration access to the full authentic text.

Judy Skelton (Grand daughter of Reginald Skelton)

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