Monday, April 30, 2012

The Blood Reich and finding virgins

THE BLOOD REICH - Bloodrayne 3

Yeeee Gods is this a horror film? 

As a nice vampire girl I do check out what you humans are doing with our image in your films.

Daylight walking vampire Nazis with the plot of turning Hitler into a vampire

OK so that is the plot can it get worse? YES! forget about the plot as the film is mostly any excuse to remove ones panties.

And some of the places they do it.......well it is cold and full of splinters .....eck 
undead yes unfeeling no.

Look even a vampire girl would need help removing wood splinters from her butt, and believe me that is not romantic

Ok so I should not complain about horror films being logical, I still remember some film made back in the 20th century which had the main plot of  killing virgin collage girls.

Like what did the crazy do send out a form asking for a girls cherry condition before he add her to a murder hit list ?

And as to virgins in collage, well I so not going to make a comment apart from its true you will have some ring wearing I'm saving myself for Jesus types but unless the murderer is carrying out medical tests  the ring could be just a fashion statement       

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