Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pubic Hair Dye

Pubic Hair Dye

- The Brazilian Wax is dead!

You humans have a lot to answer for, look or rather don’t look as I am not going to show you anything!

I may have said before but I am a full blood living vampire not some undead turnling which are the stars in Hollywood horror movies and are just blood drinkers.

I am a living vampire so meaning I can ravage an undercooked t-bone stake with fries along with the best of humans …. then followed by a chocolate blood shake, er…ok perhaps that is not on the menu of all food halls but you would be surprised as what can go with chocolate.

But food is not what I am going to be talking about today, no today is going to be about a girls personal rainforest so all you guys sneeking a read ……….get lost!

The turnlings like my maid are all undead vampire like they used to be human but have been turned into vampires and so frozen in time.

Cool er? Well yes if the girl had time to have her hair done before being turned as what it looked like before being turned is what you will have after being turned, fed up with your hair well cut it all off and well next day you will be back to looking like Mortisha again…………

This is why the horror films always show female vampires as such bitches, bad hair days can be forever.

Yes your turned vampire hair style is for (un) life.

OK I have gone a bit off track the thing is er… well … not just the maid head hair is fixed for (un) life but all hair is and some undeads after 200 years would give anything to go back to being human just long enough to pluck their armpits like imagine 200 years of prickly underarm hair!

And as to the hair a bit lower down well fashion in that also changes and what with having to wear the vampire see-through nightdresses some of the maids suffer and go for a daily wax.

Ok some do go to other extremes and create works or art with plating and little bells and ribbons.

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But now you humans have gone and produced another new fashion item that is kinda weird when wearing see-through night dresses without undies .

With this new trend in body decoration our nest is suffering so much from bright colours we have got to wear sunglasses indoors !

It is bad enough with the maids that attach little bells below giving a whole new meaning to having a tinkle now they have a background of dayglow orange undergrowth the make the bells stand out !

Just how can they betaken seriously as death dealing denizens of the night when they have coloured pubes in Dayglow green or pink?

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  1. I can honestly say there are some sickos out there. OMG!!!