Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vampires in Bras and Thongs

To day I was looking at Vampire quotes and guess what I found myself!

Yes I am listed in lists of vampire quotes so a little bit of fame er…… weeeeeeeeeeeeee

But in saying that they do only have my biting and blood sucking types of quote.

My more interesting ones are on what type of bra to buy so that you can leap across rooftops without being constantly slapped in the face …. Please …   Please do not believe the Hollywood vampire female wear …

1.  long transparent nightdresses so long that can keep your feet warm are a no no as you always get them caught on a roof gargoyle getting them ripped and seeing Hollywood lets it be known that nightdresses are worn commando all you end up being know as is a roof top streaker ……besides its windy on a roof so most of the time you end up wearing it as a collar ………… and as for staring in a vampire film with your famous flying somersaulting skills then you have just made sure the movie is for Adult only !!! 

2.  Tight leather pants are all well and good but please make sure you can bend over in them without a ripping sound causing a new ventilation area to appear in them and the new worry about not bending over to pick up anything from the floor when near any passing werewolf unless you think you would like to give birth to a hybrid

3.  Thongs …………….hahahah yes do I really have to say they are so not a good idea as they may start out as exterior fitting but after a few leaps and kicks they will have moved on or should I say in ! Personally I am a little old fashioned and still like the idea of being able to remove my own undies without the help of a gynaecologist! 

Yes ok guys may say they are sexy but do you ever see them try fighting while wearing them and still be able to father children in the future!    

4. Bras …before you buy think about what you will be doing while wearing them and is it really fair that the only reason you win fights is that the opponent is more interested in what keeps popping out and bouncing up and down in front of his face to pay any attention on sword you have in your hands? Huh as if he has even noticed you have hands let alone what is in them

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