Friday, May 18, 2012

joeybra a bra with a pocket!


Wow I should get paid for my blogs

and so where is my free sample?

Only last week I was saying about getting a vibrating phone out of your panties as like where else can you put it……….besides you kinda notice if someone tried to steal it … especially if they had COLD hands !!!!!!

Now we have the JoeyBra

Take a look and tell me what you think

Have you ever had trouble wondering what to do with your phone, lipstick, or bank card when wearing a dress with no pockets? This Kickstarter project has got you covered. A duo from Seattle has invented a bra with a small underarm pocket for discretely storing everything from lipstick and gum to credit cards and iPhones. Meet the JoeyBra:

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er...why not and heck while you are at it buy one you can then keep it close to your heart in your very own Joeybra

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  1. hmmm....nice concept but can be an issue with sweat...we have people contact us after they've ruined their phones from keeping 'em in their bras. My patented solution offers answers to these issues with less risk of breakage....+more choice where you wear it. PortaPocket works on your thigh, calf, ankle, arm or waist & under or over your clothing. so small and lightweight/streamlined you practically won't know it's there!... Super comfy. Plain & sparkly new *bling!* styles can be worn to parties & events, and for fitness, travel & everyday. makes life easier & brings peace of mind. pockets detach & interchange for convenience. Fits ID, cash, cards, keys, cell phones, ipods, cameras, passports, lipstick, tampons, inhalers, insulin pumps, epipens, more. lose the worry...not your stuff. see what I mean at www.portapocket.com xoxo btw...best wishes with your book, Amy... great job!!