Monday, June 4, 2012

Pockets in Underwear

Pockets in Underwear


 I found a few new ideas to show on being safe when on vacation 


 Take a look

                      Clever Travel Companion gear 

Ok yes that is a cool way of carrying things you may get some strange looks but heck it makes it real hard work for a pickpocket.


But I am so not keen on the next idea of little pouches without undies .......... and they do not look comfortable and I am thinking of how you are going to explain to the traffic cop why you have to lift up your skirts to find your driving documents ..........you will either get arrested or discover you are now paying the speeding fine with your legs in the air and the full weight of the law coming down on you in a different way.............   

Now talking about comfort this last film clip is a far better idea a discrete and easy to wear pocket   

Well lets finish off by reminding everyone of my own little product and that is my book:  Fangs Rule

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