Saturday, June 2, 2012

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From David Bowie By Cedric MacKinnon

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From David Bowie
Cedric MacKinnon

Right—so, how does one become a badass vampire and look fabulous whilst doing so?  Sure, I had some wonderful teachers in the martial arts and weaponry, but all the really important things, things that make me stand out from the dreary lot of bloodsuckers, I learned from the Master of Cool, the Sultan of Style, the one- and-only David Bowie.

Red hair is hot.  

David Bowie is a natural blond, yet he continually dyed his hair red.  


The answer is clear: it’s sexy to be a ginger.

Although sparkling is definitely taboo for Immortals, a little strategically applied glitter is fabulous.  Bowie once played a vampire in The Hunger.  Never did he sparkle-- and he was the Guru of Glitter.  

Looking like a pirate can be a good thing—eye patch optional.

Real Men Wear Silk.  One doesn’t have to overcompensate on the masculinity.  Men who wear make-up and spandex often get the hottest women.  

It’s even more fabulous to be bisexual and share the love!

Be wary of strangers; one of them could be the Goblin King. 

I should have listened to this advice and not bought into my master Raj’s plans for me.  Oh well, if I hadn’t I would probably be dead now—not nearly as fabulous.

Play the guitar and sing.  Everyone loves a troubadour.  
My instrument of choice is a vintage Fender Stratocaster.  

Just when your public thinks they have you sorted out, change your image!

The Old Cedric, Vampire Courtesan

The New Cedric, Badass Assassin

So, there you have it!  Of course, one doesn't slavishly follow the master.  

One must evolve a personal style-- bring innovations into the canon, so to speak.   

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  1. Amy, thanks for having me today...as a guest. You are ravishing, my dear. This vampire boy is smitten!

  2. Heheheheh I enjoyed having you too .......... hehehehhe