Wednesday, May 30, 2012

skirt flipping as a game

Skirt Flip

My last blog talked about terminology I use in my books and that sometimes I have to explain what I mean when I say things like “A Lazy Wind” or better still a saying I invented myself and that is “A Male Wind”
Meaning a wind that has one purpose in life and that is to get under your skirt or dress.

But today I was surprised at finding a flip skirt game shown on Youtube, I talk of flipskirt being a male scoring game at school in my books but no one every believed me it was real and not something I just invented but here it is ok so a cartoon and video game but if you search youtube I expect you can find lots of clips on it happening for real.

In my books I use lots of stuff that I learned growing up and I wonder why it is just me that learned some of the rules and not just the obvious ones that celebrities forget like forgetting you are not wearing undies when you bend over to touch your toes in front of 50 cameramen.

If you read my books you will discover why some of the rules are there:

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