Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Male Wind v the Pantie Less girl

My book has been put to bed, well other people are doing all kinds of stuff to it and I will not see it until it is all bound in covers, kinda stressful ……….heck it is mega stressful …..

Someone asked about terminology …er…
….what ok well I was asked if people would understand some of my comments and I don’t know, I understand the meanings but then I’m a vampire and some of the human readers may need a help.

Simple everyday things one can say like aircon nipples this must be so obvious that even a guy would understand…..ok ok ok  some guys may understand so for the others take a look at this advert I found on car aircon systems which personally I have never found one to do this to me …………… er…ok perhaps the bra, top and thick coat I wear kinda make it work hard but you need to dress up warmly to appreciate aircon.

Hotel aircon can do nippliy things at times so this vampire has a wind proof shawl        

car aircon nipples

In my books I talk of types of wind and not just the sort you blame on the cat.

A Lazy wind

 …………………. This is a wind that does not bother to go around you but believes that the shortest route between A and B is between my ribs.

A Male Wind

Come on you must know what that is! It produces Marilyn Manrow moments and a mental check if you remembered to wear panties today.

Look hot summer days and long light dresses you may just like to be cool and enjoy ……..well you know what I mean

And then comes along a male wind ….yes it is male as all it wants to do is get under your dress ……….its only purpose in life is to show the whole world that color of your undies if any undies you are wearing.

Personally if I were to take the risk of going pantieless I would have lead weights tied to the dress and risk it taking some guys eye out in a strong gust ………well he should not have been looking!

This is what I found on Youtube


After All that you need a good read so why not try my vampire book?

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