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Sammi’s Coat by Glenn A. Trevethan

Sammi’s Coat
Glenn A. Trevethan

Sammi Snake shivered as the early morning breeze whistled through sleepy Wattletree Forest. He had just awakened from a long nap, when he made a startling discovery.

There is something missing here, he thought. Somebody has stolen my coat! I must find it before sunset or I’ll catch cold.

Slithering deeper into the forest, Sammi stumbled upon Wally Wombat and Lenny Lizard playing hopscotch. “Hey guys, will you help me find my coat?” he pleaded.

“Sorry Sammi, but we must finish our game!” Wally snorted.

Sammi ventured on and soon noticed Ernie Emu sitting on some eggs beside a reedy swamp. “Will you help me find my coat, Ernie?” Sammi begged.

“Sorry Sammi, but I must keep these eggs warm,” Ernie replied. 

“I will help you search,” said a little voice above in a gum tree. Sammi’s eyes beamed with delight.

“You will? And who are you?” he asked.

“Kirsty Koala at your service,” came the reply. “I am looking for a bit of adventure.”

“Come on down; we haven’t a moment to lose,” Sammi said, gazing up at the sun.

The two set off on their journey, hoping to find some clues. Kirsty lifted rocks.

Sammi searched in bushes, but alas, their efforts were in vain.

“It’s no use, Kirsty, we’ll never find my coat before dark,” Sammi sobbed.

“Let’s rest on that rock beside the swamp. Maybe something will bob up,” Kirsty offered.

Just then, huge jaws and a flashy show of teeth emerged from the swamp behind them. It was Clarence Crocodile.

“Have you seen my coat anywhere, kind sir?” Sammi asked politely.

“As a matter of fact I have,” Clarence replied, licking his lips. “Eleanor Eagle gathered it for her nest. The quickest way there is across the swamp.”

Sammi was relieved but sensed danger lay ahead. “Could you take us there please, Mr. Crocodile?” Sammi asked nervously.

“What’s in it for me? Clarence asked.

“A few emu eggs for dinner,” replied Sammi.

“Deal,” said Clarence with evil in his eye.

Sammi and Kirsty climbed on top of Clarence’s scaly back and the three proceeded across the swamp. Suddenly, Clarence snapped his huge jaws and began trying to shake poor Kirsty and Sammi into the water.

Thinking quickly, Sammi devised a plan. He whispered into Kirsty’s ear as the other side drew near.

“Now!” Sammi yelled as Kirsty covered Clarence’s eyes.

Clarence struck a log, tipping them both into the water. Swimming very quickly, Sammi reached the other side. Kirsty was not as fast a swimmer, and she was about to be gobbled up by the nasty croc!

“Grab hold of my tail, Kirsty!” Sammi yelled, dipping it into the swamp.

Clarence’s huge jaws were ready to close on poor Kirsty as Sammi pulled her clear just in the nick of time.

“That was close,” Kirsty sighed as Clarence drifted away.

“Certainly was,” Sammi replied. “Now, off to Eleanor’s nest to fetch my coat.”

“Eleanor, where are you?” Sammi cried out. Eleanor was nowhere in sight.

“We’ll never find your coat now,” Kirsty confessed.

The setting sun cast an orange haze across the horizon. Feeling rather tired and a little thirsty, Sammi slithered slowly over to a nearby stream.

Sipping the clear, cool water, he noticed his reflection. “Eureka!” he shouted. “I have found it!”

“It’s in the . . . water!” Kirsty asked, arriving at the water’s edge.

“Not exactly. I’m wearing it,” beamed Sammi.

Suddenly, Eleanor Eagle flew down before them. “Thanks for your old coat, Sammi; my nest is complete,” she chirped.

“That’s all right, Eleanor, you can have this one next summer,” Sammi chuckled.

About the Author

Glenn A. Trevethan is a first-time author with a diploma from The Institute of Children’s Literature in Connecticut. He is the second eldest of five children who grew up in Bendigo, Victoria. He has had several poems published, and he wrote two hymns for The Uniting Church. All animals need their stories told. This is the beginning of a long saga.

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Review of Vampire by Amy Mah

Since the author of this unusual and humorous book is herself unusual and a bit off the charts, I am doing something a little different with this review. Of course, I mean that in the most loving way. You don't doubt me, do you, Mistress Amelia? I think it is necessary to give a brief account of how our Amy sees herself and her writing. This is borrowed from Amy's blog with some minor editing on my part. Clears throat! 

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Amy Mah
Reardon Publishing
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    Disclosure: I received a copy from the publisher for reviewing purposes.

I give Vampire 5 out of 5 stars   

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