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Vampire Blood + in anime by Stavros

Blood +  by Stavros

Hi today we have blood + I have seen a bit of it on Youtube but would like to see more and so I will buy the series when out as a complete series on dvd today Stavros tell you all about it.

 I have seen the anime film about Saya called Blood the last vampire and that was excellent and as for the feature film with real actors …………wow ………now that one is soooooooo coolllllllll one of the very best vampire films I have seen, The anime series Blood+ plot is different but well worth the viewing, I can only find 4 dvds on Amazon but hopefully the complete series will one day appear as a collection........but but I digress so I will now let Stavios give his thoughts................…let the blood flow……………………




Blood Plus follows the supernatural exploits of a seemingly ordinary school girl, who just so happens to be a vampire, that hunts down and destroys Chiropterans.  Chropterans are bat-like, werewolf creatures that feed on human blood, and Saya Otonashi is the only one who can kill them.  With merely faint allusions to the sensational 2000 anime movie, Blood - The Last Vampire, this half-hour anime television show isn’t a continuation of that story, but rather a full re-imagining.  The name of the main character, Saya, remains the same and she hunts down these vicious metamorphosing killers, but there really is very little that would make anyone believe that she is a vampire…or that the show is a spin off from the noir horror classic.

To be fair to the show, I can not compare them.  It would be like discerning the likes and dislikes of apples and oranges.  Blood+ isn’t bad.  It’s rather awesome actually, but I want all die-hard fans of the anime movie to know up front and personal-like that the TV show is not like the movie…at all.

In this re-imaging Saya is an adopted teenager living with amnesia.  Her adopted brothers Kai and Riku, and the faithful, cello-totting chevalier, Haji, aid her on her quests to make the world a safer place for a powerful organization known as Red Shield.  Armed with her Katana, Saya must sacrifice her own blood onto the blade before it will kill the rancid beasts.  Like any good anime the fight scenes are incredible, graphic, and taught with tension as Saya journeys to rediscover who and what she is.

My only beef with the show is that Saya was born in1833 and during the Vietnam War she entered a hypnotic blood trance and killed not only Chiropterans, but humans alike, thus starting her amnesic spell, and since then hasn’t aged.  Okay, I get the part where its cool to see a cutely drawn character in a school uniform kicking ass, but she’s been a teenager for well over a hundred and sixty years.  Kinda smacks a little on the perverted Twilight side, if you ask me.  But if you can get past the logistics of her age and the fact that she’s been in high school longer than Edward then you are going to get involved in a great show. 

Blood+ is rich with drama, emotional strain, and endearing characters.  It may not slip easily into the vampire genre, as Saya doesn’t conform to the traditional trappings of being nocturnal, having fangs, or needing to drink blood on a regular basis, it does, however, posses its own mythology.  Though, the show is geared more toward a younger audience don’t let that put you off.  Good anime is hard to find, and Blood+ delivers the goods.  Available on Netflix and Hulu, all four seasons of Blood+ are bound into two self-contained parts, ready for streaming or home delivery. 

Written by Stavros     www.bitemereallyhard.com

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