Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Choose Your Own Path" Adventure for Ages 4-8!

Author bio:
Gerry Gaston is a freelance writer and engineer. His years of participating in role-playing adventure games, combined with his enjoyment of choose your own adventure books, motivated his efforts to create a new interactive format for children. His visually innovative storyline selection technique provides for a unique book reading experience. He lives with his family, cats and ferrets in Arkansas.

Book blurb:
"Choose Your Own Path" Adventure for Ages 4-8! In this world, magic is real! It can be found everywhere, but only a few wizards have gained the power to use it or make enchanted items. You have been instructed to find and return a certain magical object, known as the Dragon Staff. It has the power to control dragons and your Master believes it was taken by the Red Wizard. He has likely hidden it in his mysteriously dark Tower. Beginning your quest with a strong desire to prove yourself, you meet with your Master in his castle library. And so your Adventure begins ...

I have recently released my 3rd “Choose Your Own Path” children's picture eBook adventure, filled with beautiful illustrations, for ages 4-8. This title uses a uniquely innovative interactive method allowing the reader to control the storyline sequence. I respectfully request you take a look at my title and consider posting a review or an announcement of its release.

Title: Quest for the Wizard's Tower
Author: Gerry Gaston
Format: Children’s Picture eBook
Age Group: 4-8 yrs

The eBook listing can be viewed on Amazon at:

The first two published titles may also be of interest, they are:

Quest for the Dragon's Treasure

Quest for the Lost Treasure

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