Today on Paws4Thought I have guest blogger Amy Mah.
Author Amelia Mah is a 20 something snarky, sarcastic and cynical author who has a very popular blog of how she sees the world from the point of view of a modern teenage vampire Following the success of her first book “FANGS RULE A girls guide to being a vampire” she had now expanded the idea of life as a teenage vampire into a full novel Amelia has given her avatar her own name so you can see the world first hand from a very bored teenage vampire that has been forced to remain a teenager for far too long She may have very good teeth and the ability to hang from ceilings but life is far from easy.
Here’s what she has to say:
“My last Vampire book which I based on a younger version of myself, so if anyone asks no I am not 16 and do not live on blood, no this vampire lives on Chocolate!
The two vampire books FANGS RULE and VAMPIRE have done nicely and given the world a whole new view on vampires, one thing that has surprised me is that no one has noticed that my vampires are Asian, so funny and I have given so many hints.
People ask why do my vampires have arranged marriages, why does the main character call non relatives Uncle and Aunt just because they are older.
So when you next read my vampire books look for the Asia vampire life style.
To make a change my new book coming out later this year is very different and is a different take on Demons!”
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