Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New website on Amy Mah Vampirewww.amymahvampire.com

New website 

Being A vampire sounds like it should be a cool thing to be as a teenage girl, like sleeping during the day and enjoying a night life with friends but no one warned Amy that it also meant having to suffer Teenage hormones for so long as she was stuck as a 16 year old vampire until her new vampire family would let her grow up, being a vampire was not as much fun as she had hoped and as to walking about wearing a see through nightdress with no underwear, well that was so not going to happen!

A very funny book about life as a teenage vampire, Amy Mah may be a vampire but at 16 she knows world is just out to get her and not just by people trying to stake her because she has better teeth than they do!

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