Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Amy Mah Vampire

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This is not your typical vampire story where vampires are jumping in bed with humans or are entangled with werewolves for one reason or another. This is the story of a teenage vampire who is just trying to survive in her day to day existence. It is humorous and will make you laugh out loud when  Amy is just being her own unique self. She has a way with words that is like no other. This book gives us insight as to how how Amy meets her boyfriend Max and becomes best friends with his sister Ice, who were introduced in her first book. Amy is so outrageous that you can't help fall in love with her. I'm sure she would have something to say about that... No matter! The book is a delight and if you are into the strange and unusual, you must get your copy and see for yourself. You better get a copy unless you want to hear from the author. She has her own version of bending you to her will. In all seriousness, get your copy, it is a great book.

Amy Mah was a Vampire, a blood sucking denizen of the night, or she would have been if it was not a school night.

To make matters worse she had just bitten herself (again), instead of her snack for the evening, a nice large and very bloody raw steak which having dropped out of her fingers was now leaving a very interesting stain on her new white t-shirt, and no matter how interesting a stain it made it did not make her mood any better.

Amy knew from bitter experience that being a teenage vampire was not as much fun as the movies showed and as for the books about vampires, well they were all so wrong, for a start she could not fly but she could eat garlic, and as for going out in the sunshine, she did not glow or burst into flames, all that strong sunlight did was give her spots. So yes without sun block and a baseball cap the sun was dangerous as she could be the first teenager in history to die from terminal acne.

See more of Amy Mah on www.fangsrule.com or just type ...Amy Mah Vampire...into any search engine

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