Sunday, October 26, 2014

China Clipper Author: Bill Russell

Book: China Clipper
Author: Bill Russell
Publisher: Class Act Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rated: All

With the vast Pacific Ocean and exotic tropical islands as a backdrop, this story of unfolding love, danger and adventure invites the reader into a magical world long gone. In 1937, Pan American Airways fabulous new seaplane, China Clipper, roared off the waters of San Francisco Bay, and headed across the Pacific to Manila, in the Philippians. Among the passengers is a pretty heiress, on her way to an arranged marriage with a distant cousin, a handsome bodyguard secretly hired by her father and a vicious kidnapper who plans to strike once they reach Manila. During the five-day island hopping journey, with stays overnight in Hawaii, Midway Atoll, Wake Island and Guam, the heiress and her bodyguard fall in love, a situation with consequences the kidnapper could not have anticipated.

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