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Amy Mah 吸血鬼 

Now I am not going say who this person is apart from someone posting in a social group

But as an author one does get mixed feelings over someone trying to read a book that has taken a large part of one's life to create for free.

YES I do like it that someone is so keen to read what I write that they work so hard get hold of a copy ..........of all the authors about they want to read my work .......... I do like that.

And the number of paperback books I already give away for free means I will never be rich.  

But Heck
Look it is only $3.20 incl tax and free delivery 

I search on the internet for book reviews and instead discover links to social groups discussing how to not pay for my work.

There were a number of helpful people that commented under this question on how best to download for free but no one said perhaps they should pay the author ........... below is what I found as a author 

Post: #1Where to download vampire (the Full Color Illustrated Amy Mah Vampire Novel)?

I have been looking for a reliable way to find and download this book for free, but I so far I got nothing solid.

For most things, there is torrent.
For single audio files and rare albums, there is SoulSeek
For random things, there is eMule.

But what about books? Occasional, I am able to find something on eMule, but that's exactly what it is - occasional. I am looking for specific titles, and usually they are not classics, like Dorian Gray or Wuthering Hills, but new literature of fact, like vampire (the Full Color Illustrated Amy Mah Vampire Novel)?

So, is there something I am missing, or is there no reliable way to find such interesting books to download for free?


For those that can afford $3 BOOKS


by Amy Mah

This very funny vampire novel is very different from your normal vampire book and not just because it is bursting with full colour art fitted in with the text showing the life of a young vampire
forced to walk about in a transparent nightdress all day without underwear because that is what female vampires are supposed to do! “The massacre on 22nd and 3rd was greatly exaggerated by the human newspapers
and not altogether my fault. It was my very first hunting trip, and a girl should not be judged by her first bite night. And no one ever talks about me saving the life of that cat. Besides, most of them kind of killed themselves
without any help from me...."

Books With Teeth Reviews:Vampire: By Amy Mah offers exactly what I was looking for in a Vampire novel. She creates a vampire society that lives just out of sight of humans but close enough to get a midnight snack...

or take out if they feel like staying home! The story takes place around the life of Amy Mah a typical teenage girl in every way except for instead of painting her nails and worrying about shoes

she polishes her Fangs and sharpens her claws both hand and foot! That of course does not sound typical at all but for Amy it is. 

Our teenage Vampire soon finds herself swept up in a world of social intrigue

and ancient hierarchy as she enters the hidden world of the Vampires. 

Adopted Amelia becomes one of the clan and quickly finds she needs to grow up fast and catch up on
the rules of being a Vampire if she is to survive long in a cut throat society filled with political feuds and clan territorial disputes.

 Being a Vampire is not as Romantic as Hollywood makes it out to be!

Amy has a writing style that is refreshing and well thought out. She handles the romance tastefully and you can tell the character is an extension of the author herself. The illustrated version is a real treat
because you get to see, obviously, illustrations of the characters done by the talented Heby Sim. 

This adds a significant value to the book. I suggest that everyone read this book. Give it a try

because there will be more coming from this EXTREMELY talented author.

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